[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


Sorry, the addon was updated automatically so I assumed it was the latest version.
It still only says 126 after installing 1.1.1 though :man_shrugging:


Edit: Also, just so you know, since updating the Lessons heatmap is being created with the Reviews’ color scheme (despite the Lesson colors being retained in settings).


DW, it was the latest at the time

Damn it. I realised I hadn’t accounted for DST and hoped that was affecting it. Would you mind sending me your API key so I can have a look at it myself? You can email me at kumi@kumirei.com

Oh. I had not noticed that. Thank you. Will update with a fix asap
edit: fixed


covertly sends e-mail


gets yelled at by WK for not replying to non-devs
also gets told to do thing you can’t do anymore here

Hey @Naphthalene, will you make me a heatmap??



Sorry, I should have specified, I need the API V2 key


Towards the bottom here:

or you can put wkof.Apiv2.key in the console


Also, wkof.user.apikey
wkof.user is super handy.

BTW, I don’t remember if I documented this, but wkof has an apikey override to ease testing with other API keys:

localStorage["apiv2_key_override"] = 'insert_key_here';

After doing that, refresh the page, and wkof will act as if you are that user.

And, of course, afterward:

delete localStorage["apiv2_key_override"]


Yeah my bad, I just assumed that clicking the API button and grabbing the first string I saw would be V2. I just had to read closer to notice that it’s kept somewhere else.


Ah, nice. I never needed the key so far, I just remembered seeing it in Apiv2.

Oh, that’s handy. Thanks!

That’s a fair assumption if you don’t know that V2 is still in beta and V1 is the one on the front page.


Just a though. For easier hetmap sharing, could the interval be shown too (without hovering) so we get it with the screenshot? =)


I did consider that, albeit very briefly, but I couldn’t think of a good way to do it. Any ideas?


Visually, what if we keep the first two on one line, and the last one (longest streak) along with interval on a second?
As for what it could say…
This could be shown as; Interval: 0, 50, 100, 200, 300, +
Not sure if the 0 and + is needed, since it will be the same for all, and those who use it knows what it means.
Could look cleaner with just; Interval: 50, 100, 200, 300
And might use / - or other symbol instead of ,


I don’t really like the idea of mixing other things with the stats.
How about to the left of the total, in grey text (when you have a dark theme)?


Ah, yes, down with the total will look even better =D




Love it! =D


Added as an option. Default is off.


The buttons are displaying wrongly in Chrome. It seems that they are too narrow, the cogwheel icon goes to its own line in the configuration button and the whole layout gets messed. Nothing too serious and still perfectly usable, however. Great work, by the way.


That’s strange. I’m using Chrome too and they render as they should for me. Anyway, I updated and made the buttons a bit wider, before they were just the size they needed to be, so see if this makes it better.


It is perfect now.