[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap



Great new update!! Waiting for reload now, will have fun playing with this!! <3

Ow, sad the old lessons are purged. My map would be fun, since I’ve done a reset from 19 and 42, would be fun seeing them on the map :wink:
Oh well, for now the 29-42 might show O_o
Well, I can check if they are purged completely, or just replaced when you re-do them :wink:

Thanks for indulging all our fancies! :heart:

Lessons are indeed purged, and not replaced when you re-do them.
There would have been lessons in January-May if not, lessons I haven’t re-done yet.


I had missed to initialise the ItemData module in wkof. It worked for me and others because we have other scripts which use that module.


Well, I’m going to bed, so if there are any other bugs you can eat them yourselves


Reviews start from Mondays when I put so in settings, but lessons still start on Sunday anyway. Can this be fixed? (later, go have your sleep :wink: )


That’s strange, both are created with the same code.

weekStartOnMonday: settings.general.week_start=="true" ? true : false

Should be the same, since the setting is the same. I’ll look into it tomorrow


Are you sure? In your screenshots in the other thread it looks like they start on the same day


I found the bug;
After updating it remembered my “Monday” setting.
I changed to Sunday, saved, changed to Monday, saved. It now works =)
So very minor bug with easy fix :wink:


Yup, that is me failing to notice the reviews was on Sunday too there. But later, after fiddling more with colors, they were different (one on Monday, one on Sunday. You could the the shape jump when going between them) . So guess the Monday feature only triggered after a second save on reviews too. But a off and on again made them both what I chose :wink:


Nice update, thanks! Everything seems to be working so far.

I was momentarily confused by lessons not showing up where I was pretty sure they should, but then I realized that the lesson map has its own colour scheme, and the end colour was set to white by default :slight_smile:


It is very pretty now with intervals of 100 at every step :slight_smile: but yeah, the longest streak is still mismatching what’s being shown.

(BTW, with lesson data now, maybe the streak can be made to reach beyond Aug. 4th if there were lessons being done :open_mouth: )


@Kumirei One small suggestion. Can you have the script remember whether you were looking at reviews or lessons last and display that immediately on page load?


Oops, that was just me testing something, the colors should be the same by default.

Can do



Please make sure not to reset the settings when you update stuff. I don’t want to have to repick every time…


I won’t. Just happened this time because I added so many settings and had to change their save locations to keep them organized.


@jbradleyc Would you mind updating to 1.1.1 and see if that changes things?


Could you hide blank the grid for blank years? (I.e. leave the number, just don’t show the squares)


Try clicking the year


You think of everything!


@Kumirei is such a good egg.