[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


I don’t feel all that diligent after seeing pics from my senpai… ._.


Look at the OP again


I was going to ask if there was a way to see lessons but then I saw this:

I would be very interested in seeing the lessons. Even more so than I am about reviews.


That is how duolingo tried to motivate me but it never succeeded in getting a longer streak than 25 days… You get rewarded with 30. I think since I started WaniKani I didn’t even miss 1 day.

I guess the most motivation I get from the wkstats that I can see when approximately I can read most of the news websites or when I am around N3 level.


Question: Should the current year be at the top?


Hm, good question :thinking:

I really like it the way it is now, but thought about it while looking at one, and find I think I might prefer current year on top, building our way upwards! =D

Hm, but for those who complete it and stop doing reviews will get lots and lots of empty spaces on top… in that instance it would be better the current way, with their time as active on top, and the time since they left on bottom… but at that point they might not care anymore?

Would it be difficult to make it optional?


I was reading your post when you edited that bit in. So I just saw it appear on my screen and it confused me for a second haha;

I agree, though, that having the most recent on top would be better!


Hehe, yeah, I love how that works! I’ve seen someone go back and forth editing and it kept changing a few times in just a short amount of time, that was fun =P


Sounds like we have a consensus of 3/113 users. I’ll do it that way in the next update.

Question #2: Should years with no reviews be hidden? I was thinking they should, but then I realised it kind of defeats the purpose of a heatmap



Yeaaah… it kinda defeats the purpose, I agree…

imagines Naph’s empty years

Couldn’t you like… establish a limit for empty years and make the oldest years a prio? Like 2012, 2013 skips to 2017. Idk. Maybe I’m overcomplicating this like usual :thinking: :upside_down_face:


I mean making heatmaps of years before you started or years before WK started logging the data makes no sense either way.

I think I’ll just wait to see if someone will complain about it. Since logging started in 2017 only someone who started in 2017 and took all of 2018 off would be affected at this point.


I like this! My only real suggestion is it does take up a lot of space if you’ve been around for a while. It would be nice to be able to collapse years with a click or something like that. I started my account in Sept 2017 and don’t have any new data until January 2018 when I bought my lifetime membership, and then there’s about 6 months of blank time in 2018 too. It’s nice to be able to have access to all that information to look back on, but in the current moment I only find it useful to look at the current year.

I was going to say something about colors too, but then I realized I can very easily change those myself, so carry on. :slight_smile: I understand using the WK color theme doesn’t make a whole lot of sense visually, but the green just seems out of place I guess? If you were to change it I might pick ONE of the theme colors and do a gradient from that, instead of using all the colors (that’s probably what I am going to do when I change it for myself).


That is also a good solution to our discussion above. Thank you. Will implement this in the next update.

I’ll look into it, although I’d probably let the user pick start and end colour in that case.


Couldn’t they be just one horizontal line of empty blocks, instead of whole (vertical) months? They would take less space that way…


@Kumirei Gotta DRY up that code! (My way of suggesting you put “WKheatmapData0.1.3” in a variable to avoid getting the two usages out of sync by mistake :stuck_out_tongue:)


I love how the weekend is put at the end! =D
I know there was a question to change this, but, it’s called the weekEND, “on the seventh day he rested” (Sunday is the seventh day, and reason we have a day of. It doesn’t make sense to “rest” on day one of the week XD )
I know some are used to this backwards week, but please at least keep it optional, the original way is best :wink:

I like having Saturday and Sunday at the bottom, and in a nice clean way see how I did over the weekend compared to weekdays =)

US always has to be different :thinking:


Not sure if you saw, but I fixed this. Thanks.

Added! (see update below)

Sorry that I missed this before. No, I don’t think WK logs that data.

This does not seem to be the case for me, however I do see this on the very right edge. It does not seem to be something I can fix, sadly.

Added as an option with default depending on your timezone.


+ Stats!

+ Collapsable years!

+ Settings!

  • You can now set whether you want Monday or Sunday to be the first day of the week.
  • If you tick Custom colors you can find your own style by defining the start and end of the spectrum.
  • The even gradient option makes it so that the colors are evenly distributed in the spectrum, rather than being defined by the lowest the number of reviews in the interval.


* New order for years!

  • The current year is now on top.


Update on lessons: I have not managed to find a way to tell when a user did the lesson for a specific item


excited blooping