[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


Anyone have an idea of how to add lessons to this? I think that adding another heat map for each year might be a bit too much


For wide screens you could maybe almost double the width of each day, one half would be lessons, the other reviews? With a blue or pink colour scheme for lessons?
If you really want to get fancy you could do it vertically for small screens…


Maybe just a toggle button and you can see either reviews or lessons in the heat map but not both at the same time? Might be a bit much to digest to see both at once.


Sound cool, but would be hard to implement since I’m using a library (code I didn’t write) to make the heat maps


Good idea!


That one’s not bad.


I’d happily use it, but I wouldn’t expect you to spend $90 a year just to share it…


Umm, I got this:

Should I be worried?


This is so cool! I only missed 2 days since the beginning of WK wooo


Please do. I bet there would be a lot of interest. I’d certainly be interested, although I’m getting close to the finish line here, so it wouldn’t be as useful for me now as it would have been in the past.


This is so cool!

(Would it be too much to request for an option to have Sunday as the first day of the week though?)


Time traveled for me, too. It says I did reviews on Feb 3, but it’s still Feb 2 for a few more hours where I am.

Came up as 300, which is accurate (I’m UTC-5). Maybe one of your date variables/calculations is missing the offset?

Also, extremely inconsequential note, but the boxes in the left-most column of each month are missing their left black border when you mouse over them. Same with the top row of boxes with their top border.


Sorry missed this before. I get 480. I don’t know what that means, but I’m in US Pacific (GMT -8) if that helps.


Haha, I was wondering if anyone would notice. I’ll add a setting and base the default on timezone.

Thank you!

I’ll look into it



I’m not super computer literate (average) but if it’s something I can install and give you feedback on I’d be happy to if it means getting to use some WK scripts on an iPad.


Updated to patch a time travel bug. After you update the script you’ll have to wait a few seconds for it to fetch all the review data again, sorry.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I just realised I’m really stupid! When I chose to use the offset I wasn’t using new Date()… it’s off by a bit now because I am using it, and new Date() already accounts for time zones. Gah! I should have realised that sooner.

Would you mind trying setting the offset to 0 and see if that looks better?


Yep that worked perfectly with timezone_offset = 0;


Thanks! Updated! Now it should be ok.


Sorry again for this little off topic thing:
@erie-canary @Sezme @seanblue thanks for your responses on the iOS app topic, it is nice to see some interest in it. I will be looking into this more. If I succeed in making the app usable for others and getting it to a state that I hope Apple might approve (tricky… you can’t just have a repackaged web page in an application unfortunately) then I will let all of you know in a new thread.

To be back on topic: the heat map script would be included for sure :wink: