[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap


I have my own little wrapper app so that I can inject scripts on iOS. I have been thinking about getting a developer account so that I can publish it as a beta and make scripts available for peope, not just myself. However, paying 90$ per year is a bit expensive just because you want to fo something that I‘m not even sure people would want.

Isn’t that an Android device? Firefox + violentmonkey.


Oh, that’s cool. Maybe you could find someone here on the forums with an account that could publish it for you?


I think if I would publish it I would like full control over it so that I can push Beta updates frequently and let people contribute their own scripts in an easy way.

I don’t want to highjack your thread with this topic, maybe I should create a separate one and ask how much interest there is.

The problem is that I’m not even sure if they would allow the app if it doesn’t add enough original logic and only inject scripts. AppStore reviewal process can be such a PITA…
And of course I would still have to clean the app up and make it usable for more people than just myself (so that the list of enabled scripts is not hardcoded). I’ll post a separate thread when I’ve made up my mind about this.

Back on topic: I like the green color scheme btw. But could be that I’m just used to it.


Very nice script !
Maybe this tool could help you compute colour intervals :


Looks awesome AND beautiful!


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.


Can we have a “post your heatmap screenshots” thread now??? :smiley:

I’m wondering what I was thinking on that one day in October 2018: let’s get back into WaniKani, I can do this! And then immediately the next day: nooope, forget it, I’m outta here. It is fun to see and remember what was going on at which point. Work + JLPT preparation + going to Japan were hitting me hard…


Oh! This was fun!

Story time! 2017- December. I fell ill, and wasn’t able to concentrate on reviews. But was hocked on leveling so kept doing level up items. You can see the downfall O_o
I was never able to catch up on my vocabs (neither reviews nor lessons)

2018 - July. Reset! All the way back to 1 (I needed a fresh start)
This time with a focus on having the coveted 0/0 each level (more if possible)
I have a 27/27 streak going!

Mid August I had a visitor, who stayed for about a month. I kept doing reviews, but no lessons (much better idea :rofl: ) And this can be seen slightly =)

2018- December, I took a similar break to not get swamped over the holidays. Worth it! Kept doing reviews only, but with no lessons there where less and less reviews!

I will do a few more of these on purpose, just get the workload down before continuing going full speed =)


Yes! Please start one. For some reason I find heatmaps which show you multiple years day by day to be super motivating because you can take a step back and see the progress and the importance while also reflecting on the daily grind. Thanks again for making this request a reality.


Did you have the same thought as me in the very same minute? Fun coincidence. Can’t decide whether it is nice or weird to reflect on one’s life based on your WaniKani review statistics. All hail the crabigator! :crabigator:


On it! I’ll make a separate on so that we don’t spam this thread here.

Yes, thanks again, @Kumirei! :heart:


I saw them posted on the poll thread, but thought this was the more natural place for it =)
I saw your post come in while I was typing :wink:

If @Kumirei wants to keep the thread more “clean” for comments/questions we could make a separate thread for it, or better yet; give her the honor =^_^=


Ok, I’ll wait and see what @Kumirei decides to do then :slight_smile:


You can install scripts on Android Firefox, so you can use scripts with your Pixel 3.

I’ve also got an Android phone with the (unofficial) Android app, but I use Firefox for lessons because there’s a script for adding synonyms in the lessons.


Wow this is nostalgic. I can look back now and see how many reviews I did on any day before 4 August, 2017. For example when I travelled to Antwerp to see Chris Rock live, and was doing reviews right until I had to leave my hotel for the venue :rofl:


I’m glad you guys like it so much. @irrelephant @Toyger I wouldn’t mind having it here but you’re probably right that it’s better to keep this thread about it script itself, so go ahead and make a new thread


Ok, I went ahead and made it =) https://community.wanikani.com/t/heat-map-stories-wanikani-activity-shart/34965

I think it belongs in Campfire… I can move it elsewhere if someone has a better idea. But probably the right area.


I’d place it in #wanikani, since it pertains to WK progress, but #Campfire works just as well


checks Yes, the “WaniKani screenshots” and “0/0 challenge” are there, so it fits with those. I agree, I moved it there =)


nice work @Kumirei san!