[UserScript] WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer


Just wanted to say that I think it is working on my end. I have the fast abridged wrong/multiple answer downloaded and on without anything strange happening with synonyms. I even was able to add synonyms during a review and out of it just fine.


New(old) settings (re)added to override the colors


Minor complaint. There seems to be some sort of coloring difference between this and ignore answer script. Before when I hit ignore answer both bars would turn orange. Now it’s just the top one, not the right answer bar.


Side effect of allowing custom colors for the second bar. Even if you don’t choose custom colors, it is still overriding with the “defaults”, and I had to !important them to get it to work. So basically, its not truely inheriting the color anymore. I noticed similar behavior with WaniKani Double-Check.
I could check if override == default and then not !important maybe…


What I usually do is look at the existing selector for the CSS that I want to modify, and the just add one extra class to the selector to make it strong enough to override the original. That way you can avoid using !important, and toggle whether CSS takes effect by adding a single upstream class.

For example,

Original rule:
#quiz li.answer {color:#f22;}

Override rule:
#quiz.custom li.answer {color:#cfc;}



Forgot about that way. I believe right now, I have the CSS being inline with the element manipulation I’m doing. But, making a new class in my CSS insert, and just putting the class in the span (I think it was a span anyway) next update may be a good modification.


For some reason this userscript stopped behaving properly; I have the checkboxes for “always show answers” and “only when multiple answers.”

If the term has 0 synonyms built-in though, it won’t work. I’ll get the “did you know this item has multiple answers?” text box and they won’t auto-display.


For me, it suddenly stopped showing user defined synonyms…


@jbradleyc @voidzero Looks like WK must have made some changes. Appears user synonyms have their own spot now. Fix is in the works.

Update: Should be fixed. Didn’t have any user synonyms on any of the reviews I did, so I couldn’t do a “true” test, but should be all set.


I am having a different issue now.
If I added user synonyms, it shows those correctly. But it shows the built-in synonyms as [object Object]. I’m on Firefox.


Gosh darn it. Please hold. :telephone_receiver::musical_note:

Thank you for holding. It appears I made a stupid typo. v3.3 is live. Thank you for your patience.


Something’s still not working for me :frowning:

The other possible meanings are both user-added. Anything with synonyms built-in works just fine. Made sure I updated to 1.3.3.


Good news: Found it
Bad news: Fix not coming until tomorrow sometime.


No worries here. Thanks for the great userscript :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s working now.


I’ve been using this script since you posted it, and I love it. I think it’s one of my top 5 scripts, easily. The only downside I can think of is that if the list of synonyms is too long, they get cut off by the textbox. :frowning:


Failed to take that info consideration. :cold_sweat:
I’ll see what I can do when I get some time.


/big glomp


Well, new version posted. Although I forgot to actually fix the text not wrapping.

I was previously cheating. My row was actually a textbox, so that it could magically get the same styling as the input field. Went and changed it to a span, inside a div, and made it style like the input field.
Butt, I forgot to actually make the text wrap. :crazy_face:

I’ll have some more reviews shortly. Hang tight.

Update: Scratch that. It does wrap just fine as is. Enjoy


Off to try it!!!


It works! Thank you! But is there a reason the font style is different?