[Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches

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I want to write an improved version of this script. I plan to use your code as a starting point. Do you give me permission to do this? Of course I will give you proper credit.

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Hi Dani,
I have just installed the script but don’t know what I am supposed to do. I take it that the list item with the higher numbers is your worst leech. Do you just study your leeches, now you know them, in order to get them into your long term memory. Sorry for being a bit dim.

It has been a while since Dani2 visited the forums so you are unlikely to get a response.

There is a description on what the leech value is and how to interpret the numbers in the top post of the Item inspector thread. A link is provided below. The information you are seeking is there. Look under the Leech Value header.

If you are interested into leeches you should give Item Inspector a try. It is designed for studying leeches. It has many advantages over Dani2’s script.

  • It has a popup feature. You may go over your leeches reciting meaning and reading and you mouse over the item to reveal the answer. This will improve your study.
  • Clicking on an item will open the item description page. This is handy if you have business with the mnemonics.
  • You can play the audio for the vocabulary items.
  • It is integrated with Self Study Quiz, which means you can get quizzed on your leeches at the click of a button.
  • You can display all sorts of statistics about your leeches to get a better picture of your situation.
  • You can set the filtering value for leeches with real numbers instead of integers as Dani2’s script require you to use. This will give you a much better control on what you would consider to be a leech.

Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.

Thanks for your reply. I have just downloaded the app and will check it out. Hopefully it will help me squash those leeches.

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You may want to check out this thread for the story of a fellow leech squasher. She is using Item Inspector a lot, and some other tools too. You may get some tips on how to proceed.

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noticed a bug with the “gladiator” radical, somehow it’s not displayed at all in the leech table:


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Dani2, the author of this script, doesn’t visit us often these days. Bugs are unlikely to be fixed. You may want to check out Item Inspector. It displays the same kind of table than Dashboard Leech table but with much more features. And there is someone that fixes the bugs too. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector. I certify that i have verified that all radicals display properly in Item Inspector.


@hitechbunny, is there an intuitive rationale behind the leech formula attributed to you in OP?

@hitechbunny is not around anymore. They are unlikely to answer you. I use this same formula in the Item Inspector script. The rationale is described in the top post of the Item Inspector thread under the Leech Values section.


By the way Item Inspector displays leech tables with much more functionality than Dashboard Leech Tables if you are interested.

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