[Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard complete overhaul for a Custom Dashboard

Now there’s a v1.3 :sweat_smile: This time I’ve actually added a translation section in the settings!

Checkout the Version History and update if you like!

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Hey all, I’ve added sorting to the level progress section now as v1.3.1 :smile:

Sorry for the constant post updating, it seems like github doesn’t necessarily supply update information to Tampermonkey (at least it doesn’t when I’m developing…) so I’ve been using these as flags. Might move it to a new platform if necessary haha

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github is for development. For distribution/installation almost all scripts use greasyfork.org which is integrated with Tampermonkey auto update feature. Every day/week (depending on setting) Tampermonkey checks with greasyfork for updates and prompts the user for an installation if an update occurred. Perhaps you should consider using this too.

Edit: forgot to mention. Many script writers including myself use both github and greasyfork

  • For development and contributions: github.
  • For distribution/installation: greasyfork.

Oh cool! Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure how that worked with greasyfork :sweat_smile:
I’ll probably set it up there then soon.

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Good news everyone! This is now in GreasyFork! Link has been updated in the Installation section :smile:

… That was far easier than I thought, I should have done it far sooner :laughing: