[Userscript] WaniKani Custom Immersive Dashboard

Now there’s a v1.3 :sweat_smile: This time I’ve actually added a translation section in the settings!

Checkout the Version History and update if you like!

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Hey all, I’ve added sorting to the level progress section now as v1.3.1 :smile:

Sorry for the constant post updating, it seems like github doesn’t necessarily supply update information to Tampermonkey (at least it doesn’t when I’m developing…) so I’ve been using these as flags. Might move it to a new platform if necessary haha

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github is for development. For distribution/installation almost all scripts use greasyfork.org which is integrated with Tampermonkey auto update feature. Every day/week (depending on setting) Tampermonkey checks with greasyfork for updates and prompts the user for an installation if an update occurred. Perhaps you should consider using this too.

Edit: forgot to mention. Many script writers including myself use both github and greasyfork

  • For development and contributions: github.
  • For distribution/installation: greasyfork.

Oh cool! Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure how that worked with greasyfork :sweat_smile:
I’ll probably set it up there then soon.

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Good news everyone! This is now in GreasyFork! Link has been updated in the Installation section :smile:

… That was far easier than I thought, I should have done it far sooner :laughing:


Hey @NekomoriKimiko, I love this new dashboard, this is seriously an amazing job. I use WaniKani Breeze Dark so I had to tweak the styles a little bit so it matches the theme, but it looks awesome too:

You can consider supporting it in the future if you like it, many other user script support it (Item Inspector and Heatmap for example), I’m in no way asking for you to do it tho, with the tweaks I did is good enough for me :slight_smile:.

Keep the amazing work!.


@Erid thank you! I’ve ended up putting far more work into it than I originally intended, so I’m glad you and others are enjoying it!

As for WK Breeze Dark, I’ll check it out! I did add my own “dark” theme but looking at your screenshot some of the alteration do look pretty cool, I’ll see if I can work it in an upcoming release! :smile:

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Just and FYI @Erid, I’m hooked on WaniKani Breeze Dark myself now, so I’ve spent the afternoon adapting my Custom Dashboard to be capable of adding compatibility with Userstyles like this one. Feel free to update to 1.4.6 if you like and see if you like how I’ve blended it :smile:

To apply: once updated to 1.4.6, refresh page, enable WK Breeze Dark (if you haven’t already), open settings, select WaniKani Breeze Dark from the Select compatible theme dropdown, then save, and all done!


I’m glad I was able to expose you to a new theme :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, I already updated and it looks really cool, thank you!.


I’m still alive! And floating through WaniKani at a reasonable pace haha.

Just a note, v1.5 is probably going to be the last stable version for awhile. I think I’ve gotten this script to a point where there is little I want to do to it beyond some expansion of details like breaking down the next review times into SRS stages as a kind of advanced version of the review time tracker, that and maybe have a semi-advanced next review time option to allow people to set their own ending date for what’s displayed, but I’m not overly certain if they would actually be useful or if I’m just being silly with excess information expansion :sweat_smile:

I did end up making my own SharePoint Framework version of WaniKani for custom vocabulary (with permission from Tofugu!) so that has been taking up a lot of my time development wise outside of work. I might put up details for others on how to use the thing I built, but it’s not overly useful without a SharePoint site so maybe I’ll just humblebrag in another post about it haha.

So please, if anyone has suggestions, ideas, bugs, etc. that they may like to see added/fixed then drop me a reply! I’m not going to stop using this (since I built it for myself mainly haha) and I’ll keep it up to date with future API/Userscript updates and changes, but I’m happy with it as it is now and just wanted to let you all know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: