[Userscript] Summary Page: Revival

@TaupinDuDesert @gijsc1 Thanks for the info. I’ve worked out what the issue is I think - although I’m not sure why it only seems to be broken for some people. I think the problem is that when you reach the end of the queue (nothing left to review), when clicking the next button, my script correctly stops the end-of-review return to dashboard - however it seems like WK at that point tries to fill in the “next” review with new data anyway, notices there’s nothing it can get to review, and so throws the error back to the dashboard.

All that’s to say: I’m working on it but it’s quite difficult as all the WK code is obfuscated - hopefully I’ll find a fix soon (hopefully today…) but in the meantime I’m afraid you’ll have to just use the home button or not get the summary screen :cry:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I like the graph!

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Only Breeze Dark 2 is active for userstyle. Zoom is normal at 100%.

.summary-popup css:

Still not sure why with height: 100% the popup does not cover the little bit of the last review item sticking out at the top.

The check icon:


I noticed --fa-display is not set.

Changing the line-height property to 38px “fixes” it, but this isn’t the actual solution as that changes it for all .fa-solid elements. So maybe in the element style attribute put line-height: 38px;? But I don’t know how that will affect it for all the others not seeing this styling issue so who knows.

Edit: Oh, and I still see these problems with Breeze Dark 2 deactivated.

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0.3.5 adds the item correctness percentage, and for now I’ve added a marker to show when you burn an item:
I’ll have a think about breaking it down by stage like the old summary page, but hopefully for now this is better than nothing!


@TaupinDuDesert Please try the updated version - I think it should now work as intended (I’ve tested on firefox with a test account to make sure, but who knows, might have missed something :person_shrugging: ). Hopefully I haven’t broken anything else in the process lmao

@Beyond_Sleepy please also give it another go on your google pixel and see if it fixes your issue - it might be more complicated though as it’s a mobile device.

@LupoMikti I still have no idea what’s going on with the styling for you, but could you check if the new version fixes the gap at the top at least please? I’ll keep trying to work out what the issue is…

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I tried the updated version and it worked like a charm :blush:
Thank you very much !!! :hugs:

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Yeah, it didn’t take. I’m still going straight to the home screen.

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I have no idea what you changed, but it all works now! The check mark is in the right spot, it takes up the whole page, and you even added in the requested padding, thank you :3


@Hubbit200 do you know if it’s possible to use CSS styling similar to the main WaniKani UI for consistency?

Sorry not sure what you mean :sweat_smile: Are you referring to the (light mode) summary page styling not being fully consistent with the rest of WK UI? I’m working on the consistency of background colours already but please let me know if there’s any other specific styling you think could be improved! I’m a programmer, but definitely not amazing at UI design unfortunately (especially stuff in light mode for some reason lmao), so am open to any feedback you think of!

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No no, I meant the styling WaniKani uses for the UI elements and individual kanji, vocab and radical cards. I never used dark mode in WaniKani since I haven’t used the app in ages, but I distinctively remember that the styling had a pleasant mix of blues, purples and pinks.

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Breeze Dark has always changed the colors to be different from the purples/pinks in its defaults and Breeze Dark 2 continues this in its defaults as well. However, with Breeze Dark 2 you have the ability to set Radical, Kanji, and Vocab colors (and the SRS colors, as well as the correct/incorrect colors, and more) yourself, so if you wanted you could change those to the values that Wanikani uses in its normal, light mode.

Here are all the available settings in Breeze Dark 2:

Otherwise, if you are not using Breeze Dark 2, the colors should be the normal blues/purples/pinks of Wanikani.


Hello. Ive not used wanikani for a bit and ive got 700 reviews to do, not looking forward to it. I had a few diffrent userscripts but none of them seem to work. Like i use to be able to learn, and review, in a way that gives you some choice, which i think should be the standard. I use to be able to say select out of the level im on, and as long as they are unlocked too, and choose what i want to review/learn. I found it a lot better and more economical as it was less tiring to do so. Do you know if these userscripts have been updated or if new ones have replaced them. Id appreciate it if you are able to help thanks

You’d probably be better off creating a new thread about this if you want some more answers, but Wanikani does have some built-in settings to change lesson and review ordering if you go to Settings → App

You can also look through the API and third-party apps section of this forum if you’d like to see apps that are actively updated.
Good luck with your reviews!

Yes thank you for the reply i was unsure where to write this and reply. Im not familiar with using this site. Everything regarding userscripts seems to be from time ago and not relevent. I cant seem to find anything more recent and up to date.

This thread has a list of scripts which are mostly all working and maintained, that’s probably the best place to start and to ask questions!

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Thanks for that appreciated :+1:

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I had the same issue as other people here with the page disappearing quickly after coming up, but it’s been fixed in one of the updates, so now it seems to work perfectly fine. My only feedback is that the graph feels a little bit bare, maybe it could have a hover-over that displays percentages, or some lines going through it to give a sense of what’s what.



Great work!

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I totally agree - I’ve been thinking about adding something more to the graph. Also I see your graph doesn’t reach the right side correctly, did you resize the page after the summary popup had appeared or was the width incorrect from the start? And if it was incorrect from the start, could you please tell me what browser you’re using and whether you have the page zoomed or not?