[Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram

You have two options. Go to the thread for Item Info Injector and install that script separately and place it above Stroke Order Diagram in execution order (before any scripts that need it actually, I recommend right after Open Framework if you have that which should be #1, otherwise make Info Injector #1); OR go into the Stroke Order Diagram script’s code, and replace the line in the section at the top that starts with @require with the string from the Info Injector thread (in the main post, and also the latest comment).

If you go with the second method, please note that your script manager may disable automatic updating of the Stroke Order Diagram script because local changes were made (this is true for at least Tampermonkey). You should be able to re-enable the updates after.

I recommend the first option though because you won’t be stuck waiting on a script to update its @require when Info Injector gets updated; you will instead always have the latest version of Info Injector and that will supersede the @requires in any scripts that use Info Injector.