[Userscript] smart reordering of items

I made this extension to help spend time on reviews and lessons more optimally and level up faster.

What exactly prevents us from leveling up? Summarizing,

in a review mode:
- ungurued kanjis of current level;
- ungurued radicals of current level because they prevent unlocking new kanjis;

and in a lesson mode:
- all radicals and kanji because they need to go into review queue ASAP.

Basically, the idea is to complete these items (“blockers”) as soon as they’re available for review/study. But it’s not always possible to do it fast and often especially when you have many other items in a queue. However, if you have 10-15 minutes you can complete blockers and review remaining items later.

This extension adds a button that reorders queue so that blockers come first. It doesn’t touch current item however. In review mode it asks you to enter your current level, because API sometimes caches responses and you may get wrong data. There is a counter so you can see how many blockers are left. Note that during review session there is an active queue that has 10 items in it and questions are randomly drawn from this queue. So if you have less than 10 blockers it may take some time before gods of randomness present you all the blockers. In a lesson mode you have to refresh the page and click “Reorder” again, after finishing a batch of lessons because queue gets messed up each time.

I recommend to use it only if you don’t have enough time to properly do review or lessons. After clearing blockers you can finish remaining items on your next sit, when you have more free time.

Tested  with Firefox+Greasemonkey(1.12) and Chrome+Tampermonkey: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/184990

Thank you for this script! If I have a big block of reviews but not a lot of time, I’ll be sure to test this out. お疲れさまです!

Does this one do all the radicals then Kanji, or are they mixed together?

They’re mixed together

Mirror to something that is not userscripts.org, please? Thanks

Yeah, seconding the mirror request, this looks really useful.

Actually I found a mirror here: http://userscripts.org:8080/scripts/show/184990

Welp, doublepost. Anyway, hope that helps people!

Since userscripts is completely gone apparently, does anyone have a mirror for this? <3

Yeah, does anyone have a mirror?

nvm found a mirror

This will probably work for other userscripts links aswell. (replace userscripts.org with userscripts-mirror.org)