[Userscript] Show item locked/unlocked state in the search result

I started with KaniWani again and I’m frequently using the search now to find similar words so that I can add synonyms and figure out which vocabularies I keep mixing up.

It would be helpful for me if the search result showed the status of the vocab so that I could focus on just the parts that I already know.

Is there a script that already does this and I just haven’t found it yet?

I might try and write one myself if there isn’t one yet but I’d rather spend my time WaniKani-ing instead to be honest :wink:

Update: here is the link to my script


Well, never mind, there is one now :wink:
In case anyone else needs it:

Only tested in Chrome and I have no experience with WaniKani userscripts so far. So no idea how buggy it is…

I also had a version that would display the SRS state in the search result but there was just too much going on and it was distracting.


Welp. Not much comments here I guess. But I really like this feature. So I’ll try out the script, for sure!

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Looks like it’s not working anymore. Search results look the same as always.

Thanks for letting me know, I had not used it in a while. I added a version 1.0.5 which should work again.

Hi @irrelephant. I’ve been away for quite a while. But it seems that the scirpt is now asking for the API key pretty often. Any idea?