[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

The part you are thinking of comes from the companion script [Self-Study Hide Info]. Have you also reinstalled that one?

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My bad, I’ve forgotten that one. It works now, thank you very much!

I just started using this as a means to review my ever-so-growing list of burned kanji. I’m not sure if someone has asked this before, but when doing the English to Japanese reviews is it possible to show the kanji and the hiragana when having wrong answers? It only shows me the hiragana and I can’t seem to connect it to the kanji easily.

That was super easy to add, so here you go:

:point_right: [v3.0.35]

  • Added kanji to Help info when answer is reading and the question does not include the kanji.
  • On summary screen, show English question for English->Japanese
  • Fix FontAwesome issue on summary screen.

Thank you so much. This will be really helpful!

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I opened Self-Study Quiz and all my user generated presets have disappeared… I can re-make them pretty easily so not a big problem but any idea how it would have happened? Thanks!

Either the cache was cleared, or the indexeddb became corrupted (which seems to happen often on Firefox, last I knew).

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@rfindley would it be possible (if you have time) for you to add an option for items to not repeat within one quiz session (i.e. until the quiz window is closed)? The fact that items will frequently repeat throughout multiple rounds is my one problem with this otherwise amazing script…

I did have a quick look at the code to see if I could work it out myself to avoid troubling you, but I’d need to spend a good while to work out how you’ve structured everything and to understand how the API works, as from a first glance there’s quite a few parts I don’t understand. I assume the quickest way to implement it would be to keep previously quizzed items in a new array to check against each round or something, but I’m not sure what structure each item is stored in in the quiz.items array or how they’re loaded in ask_question(), and I got a bit stuck…

If you don’t have time / it would be too hard to implement, no worries, and sorry for bothering you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand. It shouldn’t be repeating items within one quiz session. How are you using it? E.g. “Burn items are selected, and I have 500 burns. I am limiting the quiz to 100 items per quiz, and I expect that if I do 5 quizzes of 100, each of the 500 should only appear in 1 quiz.” Is that what you mean?

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It doesn’t repeat items within one round, but it does repeat them within one “session” (period from opening self-study quiz until I close it).
E.g. an item might appear as the last item of round 1, and then appear again in round 2 a few seconds later (I have it set to burned items only, with 10 items per quiz round).
I’d expect (although maybe it’s just me!) for none of the items to repeat in following rounds (unless there aren’t any new items left), and to only start repeating after closing and opening the self-study quiz window.

E.g. “Burn items are selected, and I have 500 burns. I am limiting the quiz to 100 items per quiz, and I expect that if I do 5 quizzes of 100, each of the 500 should only appear in 1 quiz.” Is that what you mean?

Yes, in that situation, as long as that’s 5 rounds of 100 without closing the self-study quiz window in between (i.e. they’re consecutive rounds), I’d personally expect the items to not repeat.

I see. When I wrote the script, my usage of it was to re-quiz a set of items several times in a row, so I would want all of them to reappear. But I can see how what you describe would be beneficial. In fact, one of the things I think would be most useful is to be able to review burned items over time without repeating, even if you close the window (until you’ve reviewed all of them, in which case it would start again from the beginning).

It’s not something I have time to work on at the moment, unfortunately. My only suggestion in the meantime would be to set the max review size to a larger number. Say you set the max review size to 500: If you only want to review 100, just press escape at any time to see the summary screen. You can even resume the session by hitting escape again, and is will continue where you left off. So, I think that actually gets you what you’re asking, even if it’s not the ideal interface for it.


Thank you so much for making this. I can see myself getting aloooooooot of use out of it to cram newly learned things and clearing out my leeches.

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Love this addition, however I’m wondering why vocab → meaning are always shown in hiragana? This is kind of frustrating since I’ve gotten a few wrong due to not knowing what is being asked for (i.e. ひ can be 日 or 火 or a number of other things). Is this intentional? Is there a way to get them to have the kanji?

What settings are you using? “Voc Reading → Meaning” always gives you the reading (i.e. hiragana). But “Rad/Kan/Voc → Meaning” should give you the vocab with kanji in it.