[userscript] Review Search --- speedier Search during reviews


During a review, have you ever given an answer that turned out to be wrong, and then you realized you were confusing two different (but similar) items?  So you want to look up the other item to figure out why you made that mistake?

This script will help speed up that process a bit.  It puts a “Search” button at the bottom right of your review screen.  When you click it (or press the ‘s’ key as a shortcut), it will open up a new WaniKani window and automatically insert your review answer into its search box.  Then press enter, and the search results will appear.

Version 1.2

Added a keyboard shortcut for the Search button:  press the ‘s’ key.

Version 1.6

Fixed some compatibility issues, and enabled searching during lessons also.


wish i saw this before doing my reviews just now  :P
installed, will see how it goes next time.
i have SEVERAL reviews that I’m ALWAYS getting mixed up but usually to lazy/forgetful to study their differences after reviewing.  Maybe this will help  :)

aaaaaand I totally forgot about this…  next time!!

zeldaskitten said... aaaaaand I totally forgot about this..  next time!!
 Okay, well I added a keyboard shortcut for the Search button... just press the 's' key.  I can't make it any easier than that!

Nice, I have to try that out with the next review

Yeah, I use it all the time now; it’s even handier than I thought it would be

Found an embarrassing bug… and fixed it with an update ;p

I can’t wait to try this out! I know I’m only level 5, but I recently came back from an 80 day “vacation” (I had a huge theatrical performance), and I keep getting a ton of them mixed up. Thanks for creating this! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised this never caught on, I’ve frequently found it useful, especially in the higher levels :thinking:

Just tried this and it would just open a new tab to WaniKani — Log in when i press the search button or “s” on keyboard. Disabled all other scripts and it still did the same. This was on firefox.

It never copies your answer into the search field? Sometimes it takes several seconds to show up. But, I haven’t tested it in Firefox lately, so maybe there’s a compatibility issue.

Wow, this would save me so much time. I’ll test it in Chrome in a few hours when I get more reviews. Thanks!

Also brings me to the about page w/nothing. Guess you can’t expect something to work after 4 years haha

I’ve made a small change, so please update to the latest version and try again. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll take another look at it this weekend.


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Works good, thank you! <3

I installed this, it seems to work fine, but now my “Ignore Answer” button no longer works…

Ah, I see that bug too. The keyboard shortcut for Ignore (ESC) still works, though. Also, if you move the Search script up in the list so that it executes before Override, both buttons will work. But I’ll work on a fix.

Excellent - Thanks!

I’ve made updates to fix some compatibility issues, and also to allow the script to work during lesson sessions as well as review sessions.

Made some changes I think you’ll like:

function copytext(){

	var qin;
    var trigger;
    var form;

	if (sWindow && sWindow.document) {

		qin = sWindow.document.getElementById("query");
        trigger = sWindow.document.getElementById("search__trigger");
        form = sWindow.document.getElementById("search-form");

    if (trigger) trigger.click()

	if (qin) {

		qin.value = sText;

    if (form) form.requestSubmit();

	sWindow = null;
	sText = "";

The changes automate the process and make it search automatically instead of having to have the user click the search icon and pressing enter.