[Userscript request] Hovertext mobile accessibility

tl;dr: I’m hoping someone might have an idea how to make the WaniKani hover elements (like the ones showing progress on individual radicals and kanji) accessible on mobile devices/tablets—at least those with hardware keyboard/pointing devices?

I don’t have my heart set on a desktop-like hover experience, just some way to see the hovertext.

I see other userscripts have added hovertext elements to the standard ones, so I’m imagining it’s possible. (I use the Omega and Self-Study Quiz userscripts on iPad already.)

The gory details

I generally use my iPad Pro for WaniKani. It has a hardware keyboard with a trackpad (the “Apple Magic Keyboard”). It works great—but I can’t access the stats you get on desktop browsers by hovering over elements like kanji or lesson summaries.

Of course, on most mobile devices, you can’t “hover”—a touch is a tap is a “click”, as far as web browsers are concerned.

But, if you have a trackpad or mouse connected, you can hover the pointer, just like on a desktop. (It’s also possible to hover with the Apple Pencil 2 on the 2022-generation iPad Pros, which can sense the pencil up to ~20mm above the screen.)

Unfortunately, the iOS WebKit usually doesn’t trigger hover behavior, even with one of these external hardware options. (It doesn’t matter if you use Safari or another browser app; Apple’s rules for apps requires that all apps with open web access use the same WebKit rendering engine, so “Google Chrome for iPad” is basically just Safari with a UI skin from Chrome; the Chrome Blink engine isn’t present at all.)

Not sure I entirely understand what hovering over a kanji really does, all it seems to do is tell me the crabigator is shivering in excitement for my next review in x amount of time. Is that what you are looking for?

In any case, WaniKani on mobile, it’s best to get an app. I use flaming durtles on android, but I know there is an apple equivalent called Tsurukame which is generally just a better experience than going on your browser.

Still though, not entirely sure what you’re looking for.