[Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

Did you turn on compatibility mode?

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Yes after searching this thread I realized that was the issue! :sweat_smile: I think the reason I never knew about Compatibility Mode is that I’m using like 10 other scripts and have never needed it for them… But thank you for checking to make sure! :slight_smile:

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How do you do that?

nvm, its in the WK settings

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Anybody have an issue with sorting by level? I can’t see the levels below the Sort Levels option anymore.

Seems to be working on my test account. You do have to have Script Compatibility Mode turned ON (which, unfortunately, needs to be turned OFF to use some other scripts, such as Double-Check).

Anyway, even if you get the script working for now, it’s no longer being maintained, so at some point it’s going to stop working altogether. But there are some alternative versions. People have been writing replacements for when this one stops working, but I’m not sure any of them have all the same features yet.

Works now, how odd. I haven’t touched anything and I tested on multiple browsers before posting the question here. Maybe there was something wrong with the website at that time?

In any case, thanks for the help.

Sorry, but I am completely lost. Where in the settings can I find the Compatibility Mode??? :fearful:

WK Dashboard > Profile Pic > Settings: App → at bottom of the page!


Shikaji, you are a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much for your quick reply!!! It’s working now. :gift_heart:

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