[Userscript] Reorder Omega

Do your reorder scripts only modify reviewQueue at pageload and upon changing sort configuration? Or do they modify reviewQueue more frequently? We are looking a very minor change to WK’s caching mechanism to make it work well with 3rd-party reordering.


The reviewQueue is only modified when the script loads and when the active preset is changed (manually, by the user).


Apologies I didn’t get to test yesterday- had to stay a LOT later at work than anticipated >.< Though that just means I have a lot more to test with, lol. To answer your questions:

  1. No I do not use BTB
  2. I partially completed some but definitely not most of them
  3. It says true.

Also I just tried it again in version 1.0.21 and got the same error.

These screenshots were made after my 3rd attempt these past 30 minutes.

1st attempt: I got home, saw it was fixed, and created an even more involved rule that I want to use primarily called “Speed Devil”
{“preset”:{“name”:“Speed Devil”,“selected_action”:6,“available_on”:{“reviews”:true,“lessons”:false,“extra_study”:false,“self_study”:false},“actions”:[{“name”:“Radicals First”,“type”:“filter”,“filter”:{“filter”:“item_type”,“item_type”:{“radical”:true,“kanji”:false,“vocabulary”:false}}},{“name”:“Sort Radicals”,“type”:“sort”,“sort”:{“sort”:“level”,“level”:“desc”}},{“name”:“Return All”,“type”:“freeze & restore”},{“name”:“Kanji Second”,“type”:“filter”,“filter”:{“filter”:“item_type”,“item_type”:{“radical”:false,“kanji”:true,“vocabulary”:false}}},{“name”:“Sort Kanji”,“type”:“sort”,“sort”:{“sort”:“level”,“level”:“desc”}},{“name”:“Return Vocab”,“type”:“freeze & restore”},{“name”:“Sort Vocab”,“type”:“sort”,“sort”:{“sort”:“srs”,“srs”:“asc”}}]}}

Got a vocabulary word on my 2nd word

2nd attempt: I tried my Speed Devil rule again after disabling all other scripts other than WFOK. Still ran into a vocab after 2-3 radicals

3rd attempt: I decided to go back and try my old “Vocab Last” rule that I shared before. Same error as shown and screenshots, console value was true each time.

One thing interesting of note is that for my first rule “Speed Devil”, I sort radicals to go first, and then kanji, and then vocab. And even though I only tested it twice, my radicals were interrupted only by vocabulary, and not kanji. Definitely could be due to small sample size, but just noting that now in case it has any other implications.

I’ll refrain from doing any other reviews for the next few hours in case you want me to test anything else out while I have a lot remaining still! Though I’m definitely going to try and get to 0 0 before going to be if possible xD


I’ll look at it tomorrow, so you can do your reviews

Alright got it!

I’ll try to keep doing reviews in bulk throughout the week so I can test different stuff if needed :smiley: (though this will be my last session with a lot of Radicals for a while). So just lmk if you wanted me to try anything else. Or I could even share my screen on discord/zoom or something if that would help if you’re having trouble replicating it and want me to test several stuff.

Thanks again for everything!

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I have updated the 1x1 implementation in Omega to support three different behaviors

  • Repeat until correct: Like before, you repeat each item until you get both questions correct once
  • Shuffle incorrect: If you answer a question correctly you get the other one right away, but if you answer a question incorrectly the item is put back in to the active queue and you’ll see it again whenever WK decides.
  • True Back To Back: Like Shuffle incorrect, but you have to answer both questions correctly back to back to complete the review. (Thanks @rfindley for the idea) If you answer a question incorrectly, any correct answers are forgotten.

I tested it with reviews and lessons, with all kinds of items, but it’s possible I may have overlooked something, so don’t hesitate to mention it if something seems off.


Do you have script compatibility mode enabled? I can replicate your problem if I activate compatibility mode. It seems that even in script compatibility mode, Reorder Omega now sorts reviewQueue under the assumption that WaniKani will take new reviews from the start of reviewQueue instead of the end.

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I do have it enabled. Are you saying it would work if I disabled it? I can test that out if so, but I’ve never touched that feature recently and just noted that it’s been on throughout all my testing.


Oh! I should have realized that compatibility mode still takes items from the end facepalm I should get that fixed


Yes, I think without compatibility mode, Reorder Omega is currently working correctly. In case you try disabling it, I’m a bit curious if any of your scripts stop working. All scripts that I have installed seem to be working without problems with compatibility mode disabled.

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Oh snap awesome! I’ll turn this off then and report back tomorrow! I wiped out a bunch of stuff last night so won’t have radicals for a while. But I’ll use it with that disabled from now on, and will report within 2-3 days if I’ve encountered any issues! (No news is good news- but will try to update regardless). Thanks!


Oh snap! So that was the issue, awesome!
Glad we finally got to the root of it. Was worried I might’ve just done something stupid on my end xD
Awesome, and nice catch @Sinyaven !

Yall are the best :smiley:

I’ll definitely make sure to report back with good news in 3 days maximum that I haven’t had any issues ! (unless you all have any questions prior to that). Thanks! :smiley:

Edit 1: And lol, I’m glad the vocab observation was somewhat relevant if that helped. Was worried I might’ve been over observational or something for a sec, lol


Is this feature flag supposed to represent whether WK takes reviews from the back or from the front? Or whether the native review ordering feature is available?

…upon closer inspection, what even is the purpose of these feature flags? No matter if I have compatibility mode enabled or disabled, the flags are always the same, even though compatibility mode on does not seem to support the new review ordering “Lower levels first”. And during lessons with compatibility mode disabled, I would have expected WaniKani.features.reactSlides to be true. Is there anywhere a documentation what these flags are supposed to mean?

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It has other uses, of which I am not familiar, but the reason I asked about it is because it is used to determine whether the next item is picked from the front of the active queue or randomly

const list = $.jStorage.get("activeQueue");
      ? list[0]
      : list[Math.floor(Math.random() * list.length)];

Not that I know of. Perhaps @TofuguRob could enlighten us

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I’m not aware of the feature flags being documented publicly anywhere. I can see it being useful, though. We will be rolling out new things quite regularly, and some of it will undoubtedly affect userscripts.

But we also have a few new engineers, and I myself am pretty new, so it may take a bit for us to get up to speed on things like processes for notifying the scripting community.


1.1.1 Should work with compatibility mode

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1.1.2 fixes an issue with the displayed items not updating for lessons with compatibility mode enabled

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Awesome, I’m going to do my reviews when I get home but I’ll go back to testing with compatibility mode on first and let you know if I have any issues! (or in 3 days, whichever comes first)

Thanks for being so active. You da GOAT! And same to you @Sinyaven and @TofuguRob. It’s a learning experience for us all, consumers included. Appreciate the effort and responsiveness in the community forums regardless!

I’ll definitely be preaching Wanikani to everyone from now on, lol


Almost perfect! (though great for me regardless!)
I don’t have back to back enabled, so maybe that’ll solve my problem, but I might’ve done half of some of my kanji when I started to see vocabulary mixed in with the end of some of my kanji. I’ll try to see if I could replicate that with screenshots later

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That sounds like the natural behavior of Wanikani’s active queue. Omega only ensures you see them for the first time in order, after that WK takes over and decides when to show you the second question. If you want to finish them in order you need back to back