[Userscript] Renbow hacks (level-up alert)

In homage to the lovely renbowsophie, I present the renbow hack!
A simple script that provides an alert when the level of a user has changed since you last saw them.
Available now on greasyfork! https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/16539-renbow-h4x

Ahaha, that’s an awesome idea. Now stalking will be much easier for sophie!


I love this community so much when this kind of thing happens. I bet Sophie feels absolutely honoured that you have done this, or hates you for allowing everybody to take her special talent, lol.

Bumping this because reasons

I’m downloading this, because I can’t remember these things.

Hey… this is nice! So you can congratulate people when they level up. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bump.

Thanks for the script!

Thanks for the inspiration? lol. I bet congratulating people is a thing you do. That’s super sweet. :slight_smile:

LOL. How have I never seen this before? Thank you Element, for pointing me here.

@Dirk Thanks! Yes, I had the habit of wishing a happy level up to as many people as I could notice when they leveled up. Haven’t been able to do it lately because I can’t frequent the forums as often. 

Horus, this is amazing! I think it’s really lovely when other people notice that someone leveled up and then take the time to congratulate the person. I was able to notice instinctively when someone that stands out to me for a reason or another had their level number change. However, with so many new users, so little time, and befriending more and more people, keeping up had been getting harder, so this script will be so wonderfully useful<3 Thank you! And I feel very flattered that you named it after me! You’re definitely one of WaniKani’s sweetest and most helpful users.