[Userscript] Prevent "Your answer was a bit off" answers from being accepted a.k.a. "Close But No Cigar"

I’ve added the above code to Double-Check now.

:point_right: [v2.0.7] Wanikani Double-Check

  • Added optional support for “Close But No Cigar” mode.
  • (Added hook for compatibility with @polv’s script “WaniKani Disable Default Answers”)

The “Close But No Cigar” mode can be enabled at the top of the script by changing the setting at the top of the script:

    // Shake when slightly off (i.e. "Close, but no cigar" script)
    shake_when_slightly_off: 1,
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It would be nice if the “But no cigar” script can still ignore difference of whitespaces.
i often type the ‘spacebar’ twice, and this minor difference triggers the slightly-off detector.

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