[Userscript] Leech training

Now I’m thinking about starting grammar by level 20-25 I considered to star a bit later but I see it’s recommended to start earlier.

I’ve already booked Taekin and Bunpro to tackle that matter. :muscle:t3:

I can also recommend the 4500 Sentences and Particles In Action books.

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if you’re using bunpro you don’t really need to wait. the wait makes a lot more sense if you want to learn grammar by reading.

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is it possible to remove items from the leach queue when they’re one month away from being burned?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Good idea, though, as I’ve occasionally burned something that I only remembered because of leeches.

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the more i think about this, this shouldn’t work all api calls to heroku fails because of CORS :expressionless:

Sorry, are you saying that it’s not working for you, or that you don’t understand why it works?

no it works fine, just can’t figure out how. btw is the server opensource?i really want to limit the time an item can be in the queue.

It is indeed! The version running now is a fork of the original after it stopped working: https://github.com/chooban/wanikanitools-golang

I’ve been meaning to rewrite it for a while now, you’d think I’d have found time in lockdown! :smiley:

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