[Userscript] Leech training

Now I’m thinking about starting grammar by level 20-25 I considered to star a bit later but I see it’s recommended to start earlier.

I’ve already booked Taekin and Bunpro to tackle that matter. :muscle:t3:

I can also recommend the 4500 Sentences and Particles In Action books.

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Unfortunately, not at the moment. Good idea, though, as I’ve occasionally burned something that I only remembered because of leeches.

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Sorry, are you saying that it’s not working for you, or that you don’t understand why it works?

It is indeed! The version running now is a fork of the original after it stopped working: GitHub - chooban/wanikanitools-golang

I’ve been meaning to rewrite it for a while now, you’d think I’d have found time in lockdown! :smiley:

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Apologies for the late response. I’ve been rewriting the server so that I understand it more and have more control over it. The idea is that you’ll be able to alter more of the parameters for the leeches and lessons. e.g. you can control the score above which something is considered to be a leech.

When you say filter by SRS stage, is this to do with the lessons? As in, “don’t show me anything above/below stage X?”


If anyone’s interested in helping to beta test a rewrite of the script, I’ve posted a thread about it. The rewrite should mean I can add features and diagnose bugs a little more easily.

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@rosshendry thankyou for this script, I don’t have a lot of leeches YET but the ones I have are doing my head in :smiley:

thank you so much for this script,

it mixes some kanji that I was finding similar like (ちょく) and (しょく) and I could practice them.

I can’t get this to work on Firefox, it says I have 0 leeches in the dropdown. I have a few errors in the console that look like:

Source map error: Error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Any help would be appreciated, would love to get this to work

Thanks for trying out the script. Sometimes when adding a user’s data for the first time it can take a little while to populate, so trying again might work, but that’s also wishful thinking on my part!

If you can give me the last block of the API key that you’re using, I can also check the logs. You can find that by clicking the Greasemonkey/Violentmonkey icon, and selecting the “Set API Key” option. I’ll only need the bit after the last dash character.

I really should also get back onto the rewrite.

ff55155f5b58 - Last chunk of API key, thanks!

Oh it’s become populated now, thanks! 224 to work through, oof.

I have a bug report for the script: it doesn’t seem to check WaniKani’s (hidden) allow list. This came up on the item 退ける, for which I put “to repel,” and which the leech trainer script marked wrong (it wants “to repel something”). There is no reason this meaning should not be accepted as repel is an exclusively transitive verb in English. I added it as a user synonym, which fixed it for this item, but I think in general the Leech Trainer script should accept words from the allow list for this reason.

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I’ll take a look into that.

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It doesn’t… do anything? The self study script shows up fine under the “open” tab but this is non-existant.

A Leeches option should show up on the top bar near the Help option.


There is a conflict between this script and Self-Study Quiz. When I install Leech Training the font gets bold in Self Study Quiz. Removing Leech training brings the font in SSQ back to normal.

See the discussion starting at this post for details:

Well that explains the names of the CSS classes! Okay, I’ll see if I can update it quickly. Honestly, I’ll finish the rewrite at some point, I got distracted again with job hunting and then job accepting. Thought I might have a break between jobs but they wanted me to start straight away.

One day…

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Give that a whirl. Version 2.8.4 should hopefully be safe to use with the self study quiz