[Userscript] Lattice Extension

Lattice Extension


Extends the WaniKani lattice and makes it possible to choose what data is used to display the item status.
Allows to choose whether 0 is supposed to be used as the minimum as the scale or not.
Allows to make snapshots of the current progression. The lattice can compare the current progression to snapshots, thus showing the difference since when the snapshot was created.

2016-11-05 3.0.0 - Added system to make snapshots that can be used as a comparison.
2016-04-11 2.0.0 - Added additional data that can be chosen to be displayed
2016-04-09 1.1.0 - Fix for issue with items that haven't had their first review yet
2016-04-09 1.0.0 - First version

Sample screenshots

Cool extension!

Nice work. Pretty cool! More stats!


I added some more data to choose from in the extended lattice. Just a combination of the already available data

  • “Combined (correct)”
  • “Combined (incorrect)”
  • “Combined (correct + incorrect)”
  • “Meaning (correct + incorrect)”
  • “Reading (correct + incorrect)”
For kanji and vocabulary “Combined (correct + incorrect)” is the total number of reviews. For radicals it’s “Meaning (correct + incorrect)”.

The Lattice Extension got an upgrade. Now it is possible to create snapshots of the current progression (via the options menu).
On the lattice, it’s possible to select one of the snapshots to compare to (current value minus the value of the snapshot). For instance if you had a snapshot from two weeks ago, you can use the “Meaning (incorrect)” setting to see what items you had the most often wrong in the last two weeks.

Even sweeter!