[UserScript] KanjiDamage mnemonics for WaniKani [no longer supported]


It may an ad blocker or a Privacy Badger like extension that’s not letting the script fetch the data from kanjidamage. Try disabling them and see if it still works.


Thank you! After turning off my ad blocker it works :slight_smile:


ps: it works now … i dont understand the issue.


i like your script and the alternative mnemonics from Kanji Damage (KD).
Nevertheless, there seems to be some incompatibility.

For example, in the review/lesson for 有, the KD sections are empty despite the page existing on kanji damage:

That one example out of many in the kanji of lessons 5/6.

Could this be fixes, please? Many thanks in advance.


Does it work or not?
Your ps placing is confusing


This is amazing! So much so that, for the first time, I really want to install a user-script.

But then, having been directed to violentmonkey (which I understand I need in order to use these scripts), I see this and get a bit worried. I don’t want something on my computer that can do all this! What I’m asking is, is it safe? Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer!



I use tampermonkey.
And if it couldn’t read websites, userscripts wouldn’t be able to modify them


Thank you! I got the wrong monkey! And what a wonderful script you have created!


i added the post-scriptum because the expected sections appeared, for the same kanji that was failing before.


I’ve edited the script and added three features:

  1. I noticed that the scripts really slows down the website (since it makes multiple requests to the same pages). I’ve added asynchronous requests and cached them.
  2. I added links to the kanjidamage page, since I found myself looking for them multiple times.
  3. Fixed the script to work on the review page.

I’d be happy to share the changes with you.


By all means please!
This was my first fine into JavaScript so I had a lot of learning to do. I was planning on not even releasing the userscript because of the lag, but then I decided that if people want it then they want it. Also, I’ve been meaning to fix it but I’ve been too lazy lol.
The userscript is on GitHub, so just send a pull request and I’ll be happy to merge it.


I too have never written anything in JavaScript, I just tried to wing it (:
Sent the pull request.


where is this? I already had it print in the console


In the heading of “KanjiDamage X Mnemonic”, the KanjiDamage is a link to the page


I love it. Thanks, it helped me greatly today.


Thank you for this script! ^ _ ^

However, it seems to be stuck on loading for me.
Any suggestions?


@Aikibujin, I just installed the script and it works fine for me. You have to scroll down to see the Kanji Damage content. The content is placed after “meaning note” and after “reading note”.

@nitsi, thank you and I will be making a contribution.

I don’t think that one set of mnemonics is better than the other. For an individual kanji, one mnemonic might be easier to use than the other.


Yeah on mine it just has: Loading…

Instead of the mnemonic.

PS: I’m using Violentmonkey on Firefox.

It does the same thing regardless of if I look up the Kanji in the database or while doing reviews.


try using tampermonkey instead


Hmm. It’s doing the same thing.

I disabled Violentmonkey and this is the only userscript I have on Tampermonkey, and still just says: Loading…


@Aikibujin, I am using TamperMonkey on Safari (apple mac). I think we need to know if anyone else on Firefox is having this issue. What operating system are you running?