[Userscript] Forum: IME2Furigana

Version 1.4 patch-notes:

Furigana bugfix

Until now, every text that did not contain kanji was classified as “user input” that should potentially be used as furigana. That could lead to problems if the IME first converts the input into katakana or even emoji and afterwards into kanji. The last “input” not containing kanji was then used as furigana, leading to (オオカミ) or (:sweat_drops:).

Now it uses the last input containing only hiragana or punctuation marks. I hope nobody plans to use their IME in katakana mode and wants their katakana input as furigana.

Tags in furigana markup

It should now be possible to use tags like <ins> or <del> inside of furigana markup. Examples:

Furigana markup Result
<<del>昇</del>上>[のぼ]る (のぼ)
<必<ins>須</ins>条件>[ひ<del>つ</del><ins>っす</ins>じょうけん] 条件(っすじょうけん)

That’s probably a feature nobody will ever use.

Please let me know if something doesn’t work.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.4 doesn’t work for you