[Userscript] Forecast details / critical reviews

Initially tweaked this script so I’d only see info about Critical & Apprentice…


…but ended up with this:

Unnecessary Forecast Details

“Unnecessary” cause I’m still only using the Critical & Apprentice options shown in the first image :upside_down_face:


  • Include only selected type/srs in tooltip
  • Customize forecast bar & highlight colors
  • Icon & highlight option for all srs stages
    • Prioritizes Critical/Burn > Lowest SRS
    • Only one icon will be shown (exception: Critical + Burn)

I’m no programmer…so the changes are sloppy & I don’t expect to maintain this in any way. If @kernfel has an issue with this post or it violates community guidelines, I’ll remove and delete from greasyfork. But since these settings appear to work for now and the original script was last updated in 2020, thought someone might find this useful.

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You monster!

… just kidding. I’ve long stopped using WK on desktop, hence the lack of proper maintenance. If I get around to it, I might take a closer look at your additions and consider including them, if you’ll allow me to - mainly so people who’ve already installed it and aren’t monitoring this topic can also benefit.

In any case, I’m glad you’ve found the script useful enough to build on it!

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When my previous post mentioned the lack of a recent update, it probably should have been phrased as → the original script continues to work as described, so an update hasn’t been necessary since 2020.

For reviews, I use Reorder Omega to prioritize:

  1. Criticals
  2. Apprentice 1 → 2 → 3 → 4
  3. Overdue > 20%
  4. Randomize remaining items

I’ve found this setup allows me to still be efficient even if I only have time for a short session. And since my only Apprentice at this point are leeches…this also helps to isolate those issues.

For this reason, the only change to Forecast Details I actually wanted for my personal use was the ability to see Apprentice/Critical counts without revealing other SRS/Item details in the forecast & tooltips. Once I got that working, the other additions were simply because I wanted to understand how the rest of your script worked.

Since it was primarily a learning experiment, I doubt the average user would really benefit from the majority of these additions tbh. But if there’s anything you’d consider useful, please feel free to go ahead and include it in your original script.


Hi there, I’ve been using this script for a while now and it recently broke on Firefox + Tampermonkey. There are no errors related to this script in the console as far as I can tell (I see some CSP errors but that’s it), and it finishes running the startup function with no issues so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve included a screenshot of what my dashboard looks like. Currently I have no pending reviews, but just a little while ago I had some critical reviews but the little orange triangle wasn’t showing up. On the right side there also is no longer a breakdown of of the different types of reviews that are coming up. I can test on Chrome and/or Greasemonkey to see if it works there.

Update: tested on Chrome with Tampermonkey and was able to reproduce these issues.

Update 2: I noticed that I do see the orange triangle and the type breakdown on days that aren’t today. “Today” doesn’t show the type breakdown or the critical review indicator, but the following days do:

Original bug report pics below:

sorry, I’m new to Wanikani - where do I find the use menu for accessing the settings interface? :dotted_line_face:

You click on the round icon at the top right corner of the dashboard.

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Just fyi, this currently seems to break the detailed forecast bars if any of the upcoming vocab review items are a kana-only items, can be fixed by changing line 170 from
counts[rtime][data[idx].object]++; // counts by type

if(data[idx].object == "kana_vocabulary") counts[rtime].vocabulary++;
else counts[rtime][data[idx].object]++; // counts by type

This script no longer seems to work.

There seems to have been an update to the forecast review-box. Probably some naming changes, the box doesn’t respond to the calling in the script anymore.
@kernfel would you care to fix it?

Seems like Kernfel isn’t on the forums anymore… I might have to try making a fix myself.

Hi jc04tu! Since kernfel’s original userscript stopped working since yesterday and he/she seems to be no longer active on this forum, is it possible for you to update your tweaked version, so we could use it instead?
(Or to help us how to fix kernfel’s original, if it’s not too much to ask.)
:pray: :sweat_smile:

any fix would be super appreciated!

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