[Userscript] Enter Key Rebind

Does your pinky finger hurt from blasting through 100+ review sessions? Do you own a mechanical keyboard? Do you like using VIM?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this script might be just what you need. All it does is rebind the following keys:

  • Enter.
  • Backspace,

This makes it so that you don’t have to move your right hand at all in order to do reviews. Only the fingers:

From my own testing, it seems to work with the following scripts:

  • Wanikani Double Check

Install link: ここ


That’s exceptionally lazy. By which I mean I approve whole-heartedly.


Great script!

Unfortunately my pinkies are inordinately strong from 30+ years of typing. I even use the WASD movement keys in the home position. :wink:

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I never use touch typing to type numbers. The numbers row is much too high and when I’m entering number I want to be precise. If I have to enter many numbers in quick succession, I use the number keypad instead. Otherwise, if it’s just several numbers, I just look at the keyboard and type carefully.


I remember sharing that sentiment when I was first learning to type, but I’m glad my teachers from that time forced me to use it. It’s just so much faster~


Me over here, typing with 7 fingers: :eye::lips::eye:
This sounds useful, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing. :wink:


Now that I think about it, I don’t either. My approach is to YOLO the numbers row and mash backspace whenever needed. I’m not really used to using the number pad.


This is all foreign to me because I use my keyboard in the way that kids do, index fingers only! I mean, hey I type fast so that’s all that matters.
Also when I play games I hold it in a very weird way. I am a pioneer.

I can touch-type the numbers (although I use non-standard fingering for some of them, it works) but the keys to the left of 1 and the right of 0 and P always make me have to stop, look, and move my right hand, then move my right hand back to home position. It makes programming kind of frustrating, I should really concentrate on learning to touch-type those too.

The 10-key is something I wish had paid more attention to. I learned the number row just fine but I’ve seen people who can fly over numbers on the 10-key.

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Are you talking about the numpad? It’s actually not that difficult to learn the numpad, if only they always put the keys consistently!


OMG we’ve got one at work that’s essentially 12 mini touch-pad displays, and the numbers randomly re-shuffle every time you press one. To keep people from reading your PIN over your shoulder by your finger movements, I guess? It’s maddening.

Someone must have made money inventing that torture device.

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Wait, what?? Why?

But that does remind me of a prank I played in a high school programming class. After every Nth keypress, the keys N and N-1 would swap, making typing progressively more goofy as you go. Back then, you could run a “terminate-and-stay-resident” program, and it would continue to run after you log out, so I ran it on a friend’s PC before class.


Yeah, also it’s dim (so I guess it can’t be eavesdropped on from afar) and ALSO located at waist level in bright sunlight so you have to stoop over, shade it with your hand, and squint while trying to find the right keys.

They thought of everything.

I swear there’s also like a 10% chance it will refuse you even if you put in the right PIN

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They should invent a numpad that switches randomly between decimal, roman numerals, and ancient egyptian numerals for optimal PIN protection.


“Please type your 64-bit ID number, then press Enter”

Buttons: [1] [0] [Enter]


My favourite trick was to wedge the keyboard routine so that ‘y’ and ‘n’ were the other way around, and then wedge the character output to do the same. Pressing ‘y’ would show ‘y’ but meant ‘n’.

Yup that’s the one. When I buy keyboards I usually search for 10key-less so that’s what I’ve called it.

I don’t even use it for gaming so I just buy KB without it.

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