[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

As of today my audio play via keyboard shortcut no longer works. Its also very hard to click the sound icon and replay audio. I’ve isolated the issue to occuring only when double check is on.

That’s what this hotfix was addressing. @rfindley has already merged my hotfix but will wait with releasing it as a patch until he can test it. You can either wait for the patch or you can copy and paste the code of my hotfix.

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I actually did release the merge… just haven’t tested it myself.

But I think Tampermonkey, by default, only checks for updates once a week or so without manual intervention.

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Oh, then I had misunderstood your post ^^
@Dazza, you can go to https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/35063-wanikani-double-check and click “Update to version 2.2.6”. This should hopefully fix this.

In my Tampermonkey settings it says that it checks for updates daily, and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t change it from the default setting.

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Ah yes the button said update to 2.2.6 and now it says reinstall so thank you.


I’m probably thinking of one of the other script host plugins (I’ve tested several, and on several browsers).

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Hey, thanks for all your work on the script. It’s been quite useful for me.

Before the big audio update (about a day or two ago). Before an answer was given (correct or not), I was able to press the J key to play the audio. I was doing this to train my listening comprehension. This isn’t possible anymore since the audio update. I now can only press J after a correct answer has been provided.

I don’t think this is related to the Double-Check script but instead about something that was removed from basic WaniKani - there is a discussion going on about the removal of this bug/feature in the “Additional audio updates” thread:

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Wasn’t it always this way? Maybe you had an anki mode script or something. Because in vanilla WK you shouldn’t be able to just press J to get/hear the answer before you’ve even entered one

It had been a longstanding bug that you could do that

Huh. I guess one of my scripts was preventing me from doing it! My bad

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I am getting an issue with this script since the audio updates too.

I have autoplay: Kenichi in my audio settings, now when I get something correct I hear both audio files, then for every following review they play again, so it could be a different vocab and meaning but I get both audio files for the previous card. Not only this by they multiply, so if I only do another 10 and I get 5 reading cards I end up with 10 audiofiles playing all at once on the last card!

I figured that the scripts must be causing me problems so disabled them all and reenabled them all one at a time. I have no idea why but the problem only happens with Double-Check enabled. Chrome using Tampermonkey on Mac OS.

Is anyone else getting this? Any advice? The audio autoplay is important to me as I’m learning pitch accent.

Have you updated to the latest version of the script?

Tampermonkey is supposed to check for updates daily. I have Version 2.2.4. If I try to force update it says no update found.

Install the latest version from here


Thank you. I discovered that Tampermonkey wasn’t able to upload this one either. I played around with a few different settings and finally got it to load. Now I’m concerned about my other scripts. Why would it say there wasn’t an update available when there was?

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No clue!

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It depends what link you installed it from originally.

In the past, whenever I updated a script, I posted a link directly to the new version, because the forums would complain that I was pasting duplicate links if I linked to the script’s main page more than once.

But later I realized that TamperMonkey uses the link you installed from to determine when to update. So if you installed from a specific-version link, TamperMonkey only ever sees that specific version… so it thinks, “no updates”.

Since you’ve installed from the main link now, TamperMonkey should start seeing updates.

Tag: @Kumirei


Awesome thank you. I would have installed all of them through the List of Scripts post, clicking through then immediately installing from the first link that I found. I’m not sure if that’s helpful. I’ll try and keep my eye on this incase there is a problem. Thanks again.

Did this script break for anyone else or just me?

It completely breaks when you give a wrong answer. Instead of telling you the answer was wrong, it removes the text that you’ve input and let’s you try again without any kind of notification that your answer was wrong.

This just happened on a burn-review for the radicle “oneself”, I answered with “self” and it kept removing my answer, son I tried again a few times until I looked the answer up and noticed it was “oneself” and now this radical is suddenly an apprentice item… it went from enlightened to apprentice in a single review session… this is seriously broken.

I haven’t changed anything on my PC, everything is the same as it was two days ago, when the script was still working nicely.