[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to replicate what you experienced, so I don’t know what happened.


What I have seen happen, before Double-Check was fixed a few versions ago, was that an error in Double-Check (after some WK changes) caused the whole review session to reload. But without Lightning mode enabled, nothing was submitted. I’m not suggesting that’s what happened, though.

This just started happening for me, too. Wrong reading marked correct and immediately advanced. I managed to capture a screenshot of the console immediately following the entry of a wrong reading. Hopefully, I’m not just adding a noise here.
Screenshot from 2021-06-17 21-21-16

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I went to go inspect the code and noticed that the script was still on 2.2.27, the userscript update check was disabled on my machine. Just to be safe, I deleted the script and reinstalled from the link in the original post to jump to 2.2.29 which appears to have resolved the issue.

If your script was similarly disabled (likely from attempting a fix), you can reenable the automatic updates by going into the Settings tab and checking the box for ‘Check for Updates’.


Original Post

I get the same exception upon incorrect entry of kana for both Kanji and Vocabulary, which attempts a redirect, passing the user input answer as a param:


Session attempts a redirect to:

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Aha! Yes, update check was not finding any updates, but I was running 2.2.27. Enabling+updating to 2.2.29 fixed it.


After verifying I’ve updated to 2.2.29, one thing I notice is that if I misspell something, hit Esc and finish the kanji off, thee initial “not right” leaves my percent correct in a state where it looks like I got the kanji/vocab wrong.

Say I get one wrong, my percent drops by I think 8% (based on how many are up for review, I know). It used to be I hit Esc and that 8% would zero itself out. Now it keeps the 8% off.

Hope that makes sense.

I don’t really care that much about percentage correct so if this is the way it is, it is the way it is and I will move on with life. Just thought you may want to know in case it isn’t supposed to work like this.

Thanks for the great script either way!

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I had this fork for burn double checks and I think it was breaking the script.

I removed it, but now idk how to get it back in with the new Double-Check update. Can anyone help? :smiley:

I have a weird problem with this script - after each update my settings get reset. Is there a way to make the settings permanent? It’s kinda annoying as it always enables “Delay when wrong”…

same here, also not overly concerned. :grinning:

The original DoubleCheck script actually supports the burn feature now. You can switch to the original DoubleCheck by deleting the forked DoubleCheck script from your script manager, then installing the original script the same way you normally install scripts by going here.

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I can confirm this @rfindley.

o. so it does


:point_right: [ v2.2.30 ]

  • Fixed statistics after retyping answer.
  • Added check for changes to Wanikani’s auxiliary_meanings structure to prevent possible future problems where answers get submitted incorrectly due to errors.

OH GOOD i am not crazy. I had turned it off because of this. Thanks for the (amazingly) quick fix!

@rfindley Would you consider adding an option for disallowing retyping burns?

Here’s a diff

47  +	            disallow_retyping_burns: false,
87  +                       disallow_retyping_burns: {type:'checkbox',label:'Disallow retyping burns',default:false,hover_tip:'When enabled, you can not retype your answer by pressing Escape or Backspace.'},
774 - 	                toggle_result('retype');
    +                   if (settings.disallow_retyping_burns && $.jStorage.get('currentItem').srs == 8) {
                            alert('You can\'t retype burn reviews');
                        } else {
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Sure, but you’ll need to talk me into it.

  • Since Double-Check is primarily for typos (fat-fingering, mispositioned hands, etc), would you really not want the ability to fix those, especially for burns? I mean… 5 more months for a simple accident…
  • There is currently an option to warn you just before you submit a burn item that you’ve changed during the review set. Upon being warned, you could choose to fail the item. If this feature is close to solving the scenario you have in mind, is there a modification that would make it better?
  • Maybe add a similar warning to the one above, except it would warn you when you try retyping/changing the answer, rather than waiting until both ‘reading’ and ‘meaning’ are ready to submit?

I actually didn’t know this! I’ve been using a modified version with my change for a long time, and only just updated due to the audio issue, so I must have missed that being added. Apologies

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No apology needed. There are options galore in Double-Check, so it’s undoubtedly easy to miss.


Just started using this script today. Love it, thanks! But wondering if there’s a way to disable the correct answer being shown in red below my incorrect answer.

The reason: I don’t really need to see this correct answer because I’ve set a delay on incorrect items and turned on ‘Item Info’. I just find it visually cluttering and unnecessary, and would rather not see it.

Sorry if this is a stupid question…I’m very new to userscripts!

Also wondering what the difference between ‘allow retyping answer’ and ‘allow changing to correct’ is?

Could you post a screenshot of what you are talking about? From your comment, it’s not clear what feature of the script you’re referring to.

If you go to the settings menu for DoubleCheck and hover over the names of the preferences in the menu, you will get a tooltip with a more detailed description of what it does. To answer your question, after you type an answer and press enter, you see whether it is right or wrong. “allow retyping” lets you undo the current answer and try again by pressing backspace. “alllow changing to correct” lets you press + to have WaniKani mark it correct without needing to do any retyping.