[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

Thanks for checking on that. I must have been way too tired when trying to install double-check & overlooked the obvious. I was on the lessons page & when I tried the review page, everything worked correctly.


Does this plugin actually do anything?

I enabled everything and the experience is not different at all.

I thought it would warn me if I got something wrong before hitting enter?

First, make sure WaniKani Open Framework script is installed and is in the #1 slot position in TamperMonkey.

Next, look for a gear (:gear:) icon in the upper-left corner of the Reviews screen. Click on that, and find the settings for the Double-Check script. In the settings window, make sure you’ve enabled at least one of the settings for changing your answer (the best option is to just let you retype your answer, which makes it harder to fall into the trap of marking answers correct for reasons other than typos).

When you do a review and you get the answer wrong, look for the buttons on the right side below your answer. Depending which options you enabled in the settings, you’ll see different buttons. If you’ve enabled retyping, you can click the retype button or press backspace to clear your answer and try retyping. If you enabled the “mark right” button, you’ll see a thumbs-up button that lets you simply mark your answer right without retyping.


Anyone have a mirror for the script? The link is returning a 503.

The server is temporarily down. It will most likely be back up again in a day or so.

EDIT: I checked this morning, and it’s back up.



According to this thread, some important changes affecting Lesson, Review, and Extra Study code will arrive soon.

From my side, the plugin does not work on https://preview.wanikani.com/, is there a chance for an update? :innocent:

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, I’m working on it. The changes to WK are pretty massive: almost everything except the WK dashboard is either pending on ‘preview’ or has already changed on production, so I’m also doing a lot of changes to Open Framework.

Right now, most scripts are still working because people have to pass through the dashboard to get to other places. But once the dashboard gets updated (hopefully not for a while), TamperMonkey is no longer going to run scripts on the right pages because WK is becoming a single-page app that doesn’t actually do a full page reload each time you navigate. So, almost every script will need to be modified to be aware of partial pageloads.


Well, an update just went through and Double Check doesn;t work anymore :cry:


I confirm, I cant get it to work. Any hotfixes?


I am also awaiting a fix :slight_smile:

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Sorry folks. I was well on my way to a fix, but had to hit the pause button to prioritize something for work. It’s going to be 1 or 2 (maybe 3) days before I can finish the updates.


Thank you so much :blush:

Oh no, am i expected to rawdog reviews?


Lol! Unfortunately, yes… for a few days.


good luck man


Rather than rawdogging it, you can use the Jakeipuu app on your phone. It’s a little clunky on IOS but at least it has a working undo button, and some other cool features like a reading list.


Currently, as a workaround, I am using Tsurukame on my laptop. It works fine for my purposes.


As a workaround, I 'm using my phone app, meanwhile. There’s no way I can do the normal wanikani without such vital tools : D

Thank you for all your work!

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I am just happy that someone is taking time to fix this in the first place.


Thank you, I’ll survive for up to three days I think :heart: :bowing_man: :heart: