[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus

Glad to see that you are working on this again! (I actually reported this issue 6 months ago already :stuck_out_tongue:)

I suspect that you also overlooked my other issue report from back then, so I’m mentioning it here again:

Thanks for looking into it!

Ahh, yeah… I probably read it while on my tablet, figured I would need to research it more before replying, and then forgot about it by the time I got to my PC (which can sometimes take a few days, depending what I’m doing :cry:)

Anyway, for the “Locked Item Position”… Although it may not be intuitive, it is doing what it was intended to do. There was someone whose sole criterium for sort order was the next-available review date for non-Guru’d items. And since Locked items don’t yet have a review date, they go after Apprentice. Maybe I could change “Last” to “After Apprentice”.

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Yes, you simply handle both states as if they were the same. That’s totally fine. I got used to it over time :slightly_smiling_face:

But I don’t think the kanji order issue and the surrounding line position (my second issue report) can be explained away into a feature that easily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For some reasons Greasyfork doesn’t give me that latest version.

I get the button to update tp v 3.0.6.


When I click on this button it wants to reinstall v. 3.0.4.


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Sometimes it takes a while until GF serves the right version

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Could be I’m misunderstanding what you mean.
But I’ve uploaded some changes. Does this make more sense (below)?

With “Locked Item Position = First”:

With “Locked Item Position = Last”:

I successfully installed V3.0.6 now. It works fine for me. Thanks a lot.

:point_right: [v3.0.8] - Fixed issue with “90% bar” and locked items.


Yes, that makes more sense. Thank you!

Intuitively I would have expected the order of the kanji to be inversed as well (so that Guru comes first and then Apprentice 4 and so on all the way down) to avoid this “jump” from Guru to locked, but that’s just in my head :slight_smile:

Bug report: One radical doesn’t have the same color than the others. Not that I care but I report it anyway.


The data in case it hepls


For what it is worth there is nothing relevant at the console.

I could be misremembering, but I think the purple ones are Guru and the blue one may have dropped back down to Apprentice after reaching Guru. Can you check its current SRS level?


Yes this is it. The blue one has dropped to Apprentice III. The other ones are in guru.

Back in the days hovering the mouse over an item in dashboard progress plus revealed the current SRS stage. This information is gone now. Can we get it back?

So I may have messed up my script somehow or something.

Both of these last two pinkish colored kanji are saying they are passed, but are still pink (not purple).
But also… I didn’t pass them. I’m pretty sure I failed both of them in this last review and it says that they will appear again tomorrow. But their vocab words have already appeared in my lessons.

Nah, that’s totally normal. It means that you managed to guru the kanji (that’s why it says “passed” and also why you see the vocab words, plus you can see the solid green line below it instead of the dashed line with so many green parts) and afterwards you failed a review so that the kanji dropped back to apprentice again (that’s why it’s pink again and not purple). All good on the script front and on the WK front :+1:


Thank you!!! I completely missed how it said I passed it over a week before I failed it again :sweat_smile:

I usually level up faster than that and don’t miss them too often, but had to take a long break last week for work things. Guess I just need to slow down as I get back into things haha.

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I’ve been looking for something similar to this for so long : being able to over on items and see the reading + meaning immediately instead of having to click on it saves so much time in studying individual kanji.

Before that, I was using the script “Dashboard Apprentice”. But I don’t need to now.

Thank you so much. <3

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Not sure when this started, but I’m on the latest version of the script and WK is set to script compatibitility mode, but whenever I load the WK homepage I get a popup that says “Loading data: wanikani review_statistics”

I know this is from Dashboard Progress Plus because disabling the script makes it go away on a refresh, and toggling it back on makes it come back on a refresh. I’ve tried downgrading the script, uninstalling the script and clearing WK cache, and a few other things.


Any idea why this is showing up? I can click the X to make it go away but it comes back every time I reload the WK homepage.

As it turns out, review_statistics hasn’t been used by this script for a long time, but it was still being fetched. That pop-up window happens any time it takes longer than 1sec to fetch data from the Wanikani server. I’m not sure why it is suddenly taking longer for you.

Anyway, I went ahead and removed it from the script. Try upgrading to v3.0.9 on GreasyFork now.

Wham bam, thank you ma’am. Everythng is right as rain now. Thank you!

Time to continue going back to lvl 60 once again now that I have lifetime.