[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus

Thanks for the heads-up!

What version of Opera, and on which OS?
Do you have any errors in the Javascript console?

Why does it think that all my items are locked even though they aren’t?

Have you done the lessons for them yet?
I probably need to distinguish between ‘Locked’ and ‘Lesson not done yet’.

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I haven’t done them.

Yeah, that would make sense :slight_smile:

I get an error in Chrome too:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: $(…).popover is not a function
at init_ui (userscript.html?id=a7cbc6f1-b6a7-429d-8b7c-831fb4285305:217)

Edit : Seems like the script is also preventing scrolling up to find the search bar

Hmm, strange. “popover” is built into Wanikani, so I’m not sure how it could be missing. Unless some other script is interfering somehow. Or an ad blocker. (There are no ads in the script, of course, but ad blockers do sometimes cause problems for scripts)

Also, I don’t do anything with scrollbars in this script. But Open Framework did have an issue with scrollbars after you’ve opened a Settings box, but that was fixed several weeks ago, so make sure Open Framework is up to date.

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Actually I made some more tests and it’s not related with the navigator nor with your script. Disabling other script called “Burn Reviews 2” solves the problem.

Also, I also had the popover error thing and disabling the Burn Reviews, is not showing anymore!

Thank you!!

Good find, it was indeed a problem with the Burn Reviews script instead.

Hello. I don’t know whether this is a bug in this script or not, but here’s a weird little thing.

image <-- weird desu ne

image <-- normal

Yup, that’s a bit weird. I’m not sure how that happens. I’ll take a look.


So, this is really minor, but I have found a bug in the script. I have a kanji that is still pink after guru-ing.

I don’t know if it’s related to being the last but one (arg! I typoed 1 kanji) for leveling, but I’ve not seen this happen elsewhere, so it might be a clue.

I know you’re not really working on this script much right now, and it’s a really minor issue, but figured I’d let you know for what it’s worth anyway.

EDIT Ok, I figured this out. 建 was actually guru-ed awhile ago but I missed it at Guru I so it’s passed for leveling, but back to apprentice. So not really a bug after all. Just a weird edge case that’s a little confusing. It would be good if the script made this clearer, but that’s a very different thing.

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Yeah, I was aware this situation would come up. On the old version, I had the check marks to indicate ‘passed’ status. On the new WK dashboard, ‘passed’ is indicated by the solid green bar, which I left as-is. I debated whether the solid green bar was a sufficient replacement for the check-mark. Ultimately, I decided that since it was going to take some time to get the check mark looking right again, I would wait and see what kind of feedback I get before deciding whether to re-implement it.

No worries on my account. I liked the check boxes, previously. I don’t find WK’s green bars noticable enough (I’m old and the solid vs straight lines don’t pop out enough). It does feel wonky the way it is, but now that I know what’s going on, it’s certainly livable. My first thought was to color anything that has passed purple, since that’s what I intuitively thought purple meant in this case. But that might confuse with guru status so maybe not. Although, to be fair, WK uses the colors inconsistently all over anyway (pink and blue are radicals and kanji or apprentice and enlightened…?) so maybe not a big deal?

Just thinking “out loud”. Don’t mind me.

Hi! A request - is it possible to colour the still unlocked items with grey, like in the vanilla dashboard? I like being able to differentiate between kanji waiting for me in lessons and kanji that are still locked.


Someday™, when I have time, maybe I can add an option.

In the meantime, the colors are specified on lines 159 and 171 in the script:

'.progress-entry[data-srs-lvl="0"] .radical-icon {background-color:#00aaff;}'+
'.progress-entry[data-srs-lvl="0"] .kanji-icon {background-color:#ff00aa;}'+

If you’re not familiar with CSS colors, try an [online color picker] and copy the “#xxxxxx” formatted color for whatever shade of gray you want.


Woohoo! It worked!

I edited out lines 145-158 (including), and 187-188.


For whatever reason, get_items is returning an empty list. wkof looks all good.

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying.

If I run your snippet above with your API key (via wkstats), I do get the level data as expected… and I think that’s at least what you meant by “wkof looks all good”.

I do get an error while simulating with your key, but that’s because DPP still sees my Level 60 items on the dashboard, and then looks up the item info from the set of Level 41 items (because of the “level: ‘+0’” that you quoted).


On the line above the one you have highlighted, you have:

data = []

That shouldn’t be there.