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Hello, first time posting. Do you know how to change my dashboard icons into circles? From what I can see most people in this thread have circles, with a few that have squares. Is there an add-on I have get or a setting I have to change? I tried searching it up but couldn’t find anything about it lol. Thank you!

My interface: (My bad the second picture didn’t go)

Circles are from an old version of the Wanikani web site. Now it is squares. We can’t go back to circles.

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Damn that sucks :frowning: Thanks for the reply tho!

So, decided to see how close I was getting to hitting the mark. Turns out, I’ve passed it, a while ago.
No prize. What a rip. :disappointed:


I’ve just leveled up (the first time after I installed this script), and now it shows all my Radicals and Kanji as being locked:

But when I don’t run the script, I can clearly see that only very few kanji are locked and the others are in the lesson stage, ready to be picked up by me:

What’s going on here? Shouldn’t the script also show me which radicals and kanji are really locked and which are ready to be tackled in lessons? I’m confused! Thanks for any insights :slight_smile:

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Well, it claims that they are all locked:



FWIW WKStats is able to distinguish between “locked” and “lesson” state, so the information seems to be available, and I’m really puzzled why this information should be hidden from the user here.

One other (totally unrelated) thing I noticed after doing my first lessons:

I set the Locked Item Position to “Last” (in the settings) and now I get this:

The thin black border should also move to the front, I guess? Because those are the items that will get completed first.

EDIT: After I did the next round of reviews, I noticed that the ordering of the kanji “in progress” is also a bit confusing to me. When the Locked Item Position is set to “First”, the order of the kanji is increasing, i.e. first the locked ones, then the Apprentice I ones, then Apprentice II and so on. So when I set the Locked Item Position to “First” I expected the kanji order to be reversed, i.e. show the locked ones last, then the Apprentice I ones before them, and the Apprentice II ones before those and so on. But in fact the order of kanji remains increasing, just the locked ones get moved around. (This way, even moving the black border to the front does not make much sense because it does not indicate those kanji that will be the foundation for leveling up anyways.)

To fix these issues, it would make more sense to me to display the kanji in descending order and to move the black border to the front. (A more radical option might be to remove the confusing “Locked Item Position” setting altogether… :woman_shrugging:)

is this working on firefox currently?

Because here it didnt change the appearance on main page. Just the kanji part.

I was expecting it to show like the screenshot example in this thread.

Yes, that’s what it is supposed to look like nowadays. The screenshots in the OP are from before the Great WaniKani Dashboard Overhaul. After that, this script blends in nicely with the existing dashboard and just adds the ordering of the kanji and stuff.

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could you take a print and post it here? beause I still think it should show more information and maybe I am missing something.

Mine looks like this right now:

Doesn’t seem to be different from yours (unless I’m missing something).

If you’re wondering about the appearance of the screenshot in OP, there are other scripts running there as well (the image is labelled with their names). Only the bottom part in the box is what belonged to Dashboard Progress Plus back then.


Sorry… read through as much of the thread as I could but couldn’t see what the thin black bar/box around the kanji is supposed to represent… can anyone “enlighten” me? Please don’t burn me… :wink:

If I understand what you’re referring to, it highlights 90% of the level’s kanji. When all of the kanji in the box reach Guru, you’ll level up.

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Bug report: Items in Initiate SRS stage are reported as Locked. In this example all radicals are reported as locked while they are Initiate.


Makes sense… I don’t think “Initiate” was a stage when I wrote this.
Anyway, I’ve made a small change. I don’t have a good way to test the difference between Locked and Initiate since my test account doesn’t have any locked items. Let me know if the change works for you.

:point_right: [v3.0.4] - Added support for “Initiate” SRS stage.

The new version works fine. Thanks a lot.

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I have just noticed something. The sort order by SRS stage doesn’t work between Initiate and Locked. The kanji are in random order. I would expect to see locked kanji at the left position and Initiate at the right.

:point_right: [v3.0.5] - Differentiate visually between Locked and Lessons.



Glad to see that you are working on this again! (I actually reported this issue 6 months ago already :stuck_out_tongue:)

I suspect that you also overlooked my other issue report from back then, so I’m mentioning it here again:

Thanks for looking into it!