[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus


:point_right: [ v2.0.6 ] - Fix hiding of guru’d kanji according to settings.


That was fast! Thank you so much, it worked! :smiley:


@rfindley Hey there! Thank you for your great work. :smiley:

Since it’s comfortable to see the radical and kanji progress I thought sth like “Aww would be nice to see the vocab progress”. So I went through your code trying to figure out how you get the data and include the vocabs on my own. It seems I hit the wall since you take “all items”, so you “just” get the data that’s already shown at the dashboard originally, what excludes the vocabs. T-T

Is there a way to somehow catch the vocab progress data and get those to the dashboard? o(>ω<)o


Yeah, it’s possible, but you’ll have to replicate some of WK’s html, and maybe write some event handlers for the hover pop-up. It’s built the way it is (originally) to minimize the amount of rewriting/duplicating existing site code and html… but that goal isn’t necessarily important anymore, so…


Thanks for your reply! Okay, after my holidays I’ll get myself back to study scripting and try to costumize your script to my unnecessary needs xD. :wink:


There is already a script like that, however. It’s one of my favourites


Thx. I gave it a try, but it doesn’t work. I try to figure out why…


Strange, works just fine for me, and I don’t think I’ve made any significant changes to it


Mmmh… I tried to switch other scripts off, but still the dashboard doesn’t change. Still only the Radicals and Kanji with the dashboard progress plus script (without if deactivated)…
Maybe its somewhere within the level or apikey definition. Going to give it a try next week ^^


I think it would be nice to be able to see what kanji (well, technically the number of kanji I guess, since I use the blank circles) you haven’t guru’d from the previous level yet, because I just did a review earlier and more lessons popped up when I wasn’t expecting it xD
I don’t think there’s any way to (easily) tell when new lessons from old kanji are going to appear, is there? (Please let me know if there already is :o) I try to spread my lessons out evenly, so it would be useful to know so I can plan around it.

Thanks for everything you do, rfindley - your scripts are amazing :hearts:


There was someone that developed a modified version of this script that showed items from the previous level, but I don’t remember who, and I’m guessing it’s no longer up to date.

Other than that, I guess I’d recommend using the new alpha version of the wkstats.com site:

  1. Go to https://wkstats.com:10001/items/wanikani and enter your API version 2 key
  2. Click on Open Config
  3. Hide all except Apprentice 4 kanji
    Shortcut: Hold Shift and click Kanji, then (while still holding shift) Apprentice 4

It’s certainly possible now with APIv2 to find which Kanji are going to trigger new lessons. Maybe cross-post to the “What do you want now” script request thread? As for myself, I need to stay focused on finishing the wkstats update.


Ok, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


When a item is marked / checked, does it mean it fell off from guru to apprentice?
If so, is that the only meaning?
Sorry, I am a bit confused about it.
Awesome app btw.


The color indicates the SRS level, the check mark only indicates whether the items has been gurued (and as such counts towards your progress of the level).


So you are saying that if a guru-ed item (marked) falls down to apprentice (still marked), it still counts toward the current level progression.


Indeed, I believe that’s the reason rfindley introduced the check marks.


Cool feature.
Thank you for the swift inputs.


Thank you, this is great ^^


Heya. When I’m using the Stylish script “Wanikani Custom Color Style” it makes Dashboard Progress Plus not show properly (if I turn off the custom color style script it works just fine). Is there any way I can keep these functioning together without having to sacrifice one or the other? The only colors on the page that I am changing using the custom color script are the SRS level boxes in green and black in the center of my screenshot.

This is because I do not like the SRS levels being the same colors as item types, because my brain creates confusing associations that I have trouble differentiating (i.e. pink = kanji/apprentice, purple = vocab/guru, sky blue = radicals/enlightened). I highly prefer when I see a color for it to have a specific single association so that my brain doesn’t start confusing item types with SRS levels (pink = kanji, purple = vocab, sky blue = radicals, gradually darker shades of green = SRS levels).

Anything I can do to make these two scripts work harmoniously?


Unrelated, but I love your username and avatar! <3