[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus

embe said... I don't really know who turn with this to - you or DaisukeJigen. When I use Condensed Progress Bars - /t/UserScript-Condensed-Progress-Bars/14285/1 - the progress on Dashboard Progress popup is also changed and it doesn't look well there. Is there some quick easy fix?

In DaisukeJigen's script, there are two places where he has this:
    <div class='progress'>
Change it to this:
    <div class='progress wkcpb'>

Then change his css rule:
    '.progress, .progress .bar {' +
' border-radius: 10px' +
'}' +

To this:
    '.progress.wkcpb, .progress.wkcpb .bar {' +
    ' border-radius: 10px' +
    '}' +

The spaces (and lack of spaces) around "wkcpb" are important.

I haven't tested this, since I'm on tablet right now.  But it's simple enough that hopefully I haven't made any errors.