[Userscript] Dashboard Level Progress Indicator 1.0+

Hello :slight_smile:

First I just want to say I love this script!

Question: Did the “roundness” feature get turned off? Mine had been working (set at max 10) until about 5 days ago. I figured the script might be in maintenance or something, but I can’t seem to get my roundness to turn back on! I like the round things!!! :joy:

That’s odd, mine seems to work just fine:

Roundness 0:

Roundness 10:

Also, there hasn’t been an update since 10 days ago. Did you install any other scripts or styles?

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Hmmm not in a while… I’m actually talking about the “3D” effect roundness, which is what I thought that was referring to. My bubbles are round at the end but just not 3D anymore!

Oh, the shadow-y effect got turned off by default because it doesn’t work well with light mode (which vanilla WK uses).

You can turn it back on in the third settings tab by checking the box.


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OHHH! I didn’t really know how to use that tab. Now that you showed me what yours looks like, I just tried it again and it works! :smiley: THANK YOU @MagicalGrill !!!


Just pushed 1.1.5 to change the “Use Gradient” label to “Use Gradient (3D effect)”

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:open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Ooooo I made a contribution to a script! (however small :laughing:)

Thank you Ulnt2048!!!

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