[Userscript] Critical Review Countdown

Hey! Thanks a lot for that neat little script!

I noticed two little “bugs” in the script and offer solutions for everyone who wants to edit the script for themselves. Maybe the original author can adapt these changes :slight_smile:

So for the “bugs” and nerdy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
The script has a visual conflict with the ([Userscript] Progress Percentages) because the other script introduces new visual elements with the “next” class and the Critical Review Countdown Script injects the text at two places instead of only the right one.

This change in the userscript fixes this:

$('.next').after(elem); --> $('li.next').after(elem);

The other little “bug” is the calculation of the width of the columns. I am a bit picky here but as soon as I noticed this it is annoying me :smiley:

If you feel the same - replace the set_header_width function with this one:

function set_header_width() {
    $('.dashboard section.review-status ul').css('display', 'flex');
    $('.dashboard section.review-status ul li').css('flex', '1 1 0px');

Thanks again for this nice script! :v: