[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser

Version 1.13 adds your proposed option “Minimized if all ratings < X” to the dropdown. I also did some experiments with a new guess type for confusions based on similar meaning instead of visual similarity, but then I realized that most kanji on WK only have one meaning defined. To take your example with 恋 and 愛, the first only has the meaning “romance” and the second only the meaning “love”. So I would have to take a detour to the vocabulary and deduce additional kanji meanings from there. For now, I decided that it is not worth the effort.

Version 1.13 patch-notes:

added option “Minimized if all ratings < X”

In the settings dialog under the tab Interface, the dropdown menus for When answer correct and When answer incorrect now contain a new entry Minimized if all ratings < X. When selecting it, a slider appears below that allows you to define a value for X. If all guesses have a rating below X, the guess list will stay minimized. If at least one guess has a rating ≥ X, the whole guess list will be displayed.

The intended purpose of this feature is to only draw the user’s attention if a guess has a high likelihood of showing the reason for confusion.

Because the displayed guess ratings are rounded, it might happen that guesses with a displayed rating of e.g. 0.30 are actually still below a threshold of 0.30.

Please let me know if something doesn’t work.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.13 doesn’t work for you

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