[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser

Sorry that it took a while. I have now added a setting When answer incorrect (in the tab Interface). If you change it to Minimized ‒ show arrow, only an arrow will appear which you can click to show the list of guesses. And if you set it to Show nothing, not even the arrow is displayed (but you can still use the hotkey to open the list of guesses).

Version 1.12 patch-notes:

Guess list now also available for correct answers

Until now, ConfusionGuesser only reacted to incorrect answers. I have now slightly adapted the algorithm to also be able to show “guesses” after a correct answer. I’m not sure if this feature will be all that helpful, but it might be used to compare other items similar to the current one.

For correct meaning answers, I filter out all guesses where the characters are contained in the current item. Example: After answering 崇拝 with “worship”, the guess list will neither contain [(すう) Worship] nor [(はい) Worship]. The intention is to prevent spoiling the reading.

Settings for behavior after correct/incorrect answer

The tab Interface in the settings dialog now contains two new entries: When answer correct and When answer incorrect. The three available options are: Show nothing, Minimized ‒ show arrow and Show list. When Show nothing or Minimized ‒ show arrow is active, no guesses are computed automatically. So it might sometimes happen that you click the arrow but nothing happens, because ConfusionGuesser only starts the search after the click, but no guesses are found.

Please let me know if something doesn’t work.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.12 doesn’t work for you