[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser

Version 1.7 patch-notes:

Image radical support

36 of WaniKani’s radicals are represented by images rather than characters. Until now, guesses containing such a radical showed the radical’s name again instead of the symbol. With this update, the radical image is displayed. Furthermore, most of these radicals are mapped to characters that appear in ideographic description sequences (IDS), leading to improved similarity ratings. For example, if I answer with “spring” for the “gladiator” review, I get now:

Spring and Gladiator are both image radicals, and before this update, no guesses were shown in this case. Furthermore, the “𡗗 Spring” guess would instead have displayed “Spring Spring”, and its similarity rating was always 0, pushing it to the bottom of the list.

Joke meaning filter

The WK vocabulary items “四十二” and “国宝” include jokes in the accepted meanings. It can be confusing to get “国宝” suggested as a guess if you wrongly answer with “cage” at some point. Therefore, these two meanings are now filtered.

Text color setting

Added a setting for changing the text color. The setting is located in the “Guess colors” tab of the ConfusionGuesser settings dialog.

"From button color" option

Added the option to set the guess colors to resemble the buttons below the input box on the review page (Wrap Up, Last 10, Item Info…). This is intended for dark mode users to quickly get colors that match the theme. If you are using “Dark Azure 2”, the text color gets set to blue, which might blend in or clash with the background. You can solve this by either changing the text color from blue back to white (or something else), or you can activate the “High contrast mode” in the “Interface” tab, which darkens the background behind the guess list.

If I broke something please let me know.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.7 doesn’t work for you