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No, that’s probably the Double-Check script, which added this functionality recently. Why? Is there some problem with this functionality? Coincidentally, it was me who was involved in the making of this Double-Check script feature.

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One reason I wouldn’t use this script: Let’s say I confuse A with B, and the scripts shows me info for B, If I get B in this review batch, that’s cheating :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know how feasable that is but getting the info on the next review time of B and hiding it/putting a warning that it’ll come soon, or maybe it’s already there, I don’t know I didn’t try it yet

I personally think the benefit of immediately reviewing the differences between items that you confuse outweighs the harm that it does if you occasionally get an item correct even if you really had forgotten it. At least I think that the case that you have described won’t happen that often. And when it does and you get item B correct, it probably won’t happen again the next time item B comes up for review, because item A was answered incorrectly and comes back in another batch than B. Therefore in the next review of B, you won’t get spoiled by the ConfusionGuesser showing it for item A, and the SRS will correctly demote it if you still can’t remember it.

So, in my opinion:

Advantages Disadvantages
easy to review differences of similar items sometimes spoils the answer to a review in the same batch
sometimes shows items that you have already burned, which helps keeping them in memory

However - even if I personally don’t think that this feature is necessary - if you (or anyone else) still think that I should add a spoiler warning to items that will come up soon, I might look into adding this as an optional feature (but it would probably take some time).

  • I want the spoiler warning feature
  • I don’t need the spoiler warning feature

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UPDATE: spoiler warning feature is now implemented; you can enable it in the ConfusionGuesser settings dialog


Wow, this is officially the best user script ever! I think this should be a built-in WaniKani feature, actually…

It immediately helped me in the first review session after installing:

As for the spoiler warning feature, I don’t really need it. Even WaniKani itself often spoils the correct answer… For example, if you get the reading of some kanji wrong, and you get some vocab later using that kanji. I don’t think spoiling is bad, it only leads to better connections in my brain :thinking:


No, nothing wrong with it at all. It just surprised me was all. I’m so used to WaniKani slapping me when I do that that it caught me off guard and I didn’t know which plugin it was. :sweat_smile: (I actually disabled everything to see if it was native and sadly it wasn’t. lol)

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Version 1.5 patch-notes:

Added spoiler warning feature

This feature is disabled by default but can be activated in the ConfusionGuesser settings dialog (see the screenshot in the first post of this thread to check how to open the settings dialog).

The available options for “Hide spoiler guesses” are:

  • Never: never hide guesses (default)
  • If in this batch: hide guesses for WK items that are in the current review batch
  • If sooner than --% of the SRS interval: hide guesses for WK items that have less than the given SRS interval percentage left until they come up for review again; for example: ConfusionGuesser guesses the Kanji 上, but 上 will come back for review in 7 days and you have 上 in the stage “master” which has an SRS interval of one month. This means that there is only about 25% of the SRS interval left until the next review, and if you for example select If sooner than 30% of the SRS interval, then the guess for the Kanji 上 will be hidden.

You can still view the guess by clicking “Show spoiler”.


Limitations: This feature only checks for the specific WK item - you can still get spoiled for the Kanji 上 if the guess is for the vocabulary 上. Furthermore, an item in the current batch will always be marked as a spoiler, even if you have already finished reviewing it in this session.

If I broke something please let me know.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.5 doesn’t work for you

Tagging @Ayokana for voting in the poll for the spoiler warning feature and @Loglog74 for proposing this feature in the first place.


Version 1.6 patch-notes:

The script now also runs on the WK preview server

Added https://preview.wanikani.com/review/session as a @match so that the script also runs on that site.

Initially I didn’t plan to enable my script to run on the preview server, because I thought of the preview server as a place where each script author has to test their own script, and other users don’t need it enabled. But some people stated a different opinion, and I think there’s no harm in enabling it, so here you go.


I was doing reviews and this popped up, but the meaning is incorrect. It just means 42?not right **

It popped up when I got 答えwrong.

EDIT: I made a mistake, apparently that was an alternate answer. I just got confused because it looked nothing like what I got wrong ^^’

42 = The Answer


Yeah that’s what I said in the edit

Yeah I was just mucking about. You could just delete the post then if you want.

Nah it’s ok. Did think it was weird of it to show up

I agree that guesses based on WaniKani joke meanings are not helpful and can be confusing. I should probably filter them out.

国宝 with “Nic Cage” and 四十二 with “The Answer” – were there any others?

Also, the script displays any WK items similar to your meaning answer, no matter how greatly they differ visually. The results just get sorted by their visual similarity rating, so that the likeliest confusion is at the top. It seems that in your case there was only one guess, so even though its rating was extremely low, it was still at the top.

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Dang, I had a feeling you might know.

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Kumirei is mom confirmed

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Those are the ones that come to mind. If I come across any others while catching up I will let you know! Thanks


Version 1.7 patch-notes:

Image radical support

36 of WaniKani’s radicals are represented by images rather than characters. Until now, guesses containing such a radical showed the radical’s name again instead of the symbol. With this update, the radical image is displayed. Furthermore, most of these radicals are mapped to characters that appear in ideographic description sequences (IDS), leading to improved similarity ratings. For example, if I answer with “spring” for the “gladiator” review, I get now:

Spring and Gladiator are both image radicals, and before this update, no guesses were shown in this case. Furthermore, the “𡗗 Spring” guess would instead have displayed “Spring Spring”, and its similarity rating was always 0, pushing it to the bottom of the list.

Joke meaning filter

The WK vocabulary items “四十二” and “国宝” include jokes in the accepted meanings. It can be confusing to get “国宝” suggested as a guess if you wrongly answer with “cage” at some point. Therefore, these two meanings are now filtered.

Text color setting

Added a setting for changing the text color. The setting is located in the “Guess colors” tab of the ConfusionGuesser settings dialog.

"From button color" option

Added the option to set the guess colors to resemble the buttons below the input box on the review page (Wrap Up, Last 10, Item Info…). This is intended for dark mode users to quickly get colors that match the theme. If you are using “Dark Azure 2”, the text color gets set to blue, which might blend in or clash with the background. You can solve this by either changing the text color from blue back to white (or something else), or you can activate the “High contrast mode” in the “Interface” tab, which darkens the background behind the guess list.

If I broke something please let me know.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.7 doesn’t work for you


Hi @Sinyaven I wonder if it’s a bug or something, because the script is not appearing in the list of scripts I have installed.

List of scripts


I even tried to downgrade to 1.6, but didn’t work either. I miss your script ;-; Is a good one

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