[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser

Version 1.5 patch-notes:

Added spoiler warning feature

This feature is disabled by default but can be activated in the ConfusionGuesser settings dialog (see the screenshot in the first post of this thread to check how to open the settings dialog).

The available options for “Hide spoiler guesses” are:

  • Never: never hide guesses (default)
  • If in this batch: hide guesses for WK items that are in the current review batch
  • If sooner than --% of the SRS interval: hide guesses for WK items that have less than the given SRS interval percentage left until they come up for review again; for example: ConfusionGuesser guesses the Kanji 上, but 上 will come back for review in 7 days and you have 上 in the stage “master” which has an SRS interval of one month. This means that there is only about 25% of the SRS interval left until the next review, and if you for example select If sooner than 30% of the SRS interval, then the guess for the Kanji 上 will be hidden.

You can still view the guess by clicking “Show spoiler”.


Limitations: This feature only checks for the specific WK item - you can still get spoiled for the Kanji 上 if the guess is for the vocabulary 上. Furthermore, an item in the current batch will always be marked as a spoiler, even if you have already finished reviewing it in this session.

If I broke something please let me know.
Link to previous script version for downgrading in case version 1.5 doesn’t work for you

Tagging @Ayokana for voting in the poll for the spoiler warning feature and @Loglog74 for proposing this feature in the first place.