[Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire)

I don’t use the mnemonics, so the radicals are just wasting space in my brain. Is this the best way to get rid of them? What are the other options?

brandonhartfiel said... I don't use the mnemonics, so the radicals are just wasting space in my brain. Is this the best way to get rid of them? What are the other options?
 This won't get rid of them.  There's really no option for that, though you could add a dummy synonym to all the radicals.

Thank you rfindley! I needed to refresh a lot of levels as I’m back after a long time… This is just what I needed!

Neat. This way you can re-do WK without resetting your level.

I love the idea of this userscript. I am wondering, however, if there is a way to reset burned items just back to Enlightened, rather than all the way to Apprentice. I want to see the burned items again in my reviews, but if I still remember them easily, I don’t really want them clogging up my reviews again - I’d just like them to be burned once more. Can I edit the Userscript to do this, and if so, how?

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The script just uses WK’s resurrect/retire links, which can only set it to Apprentice.

You could use the [Quiz script] to quiz your burn items without resurrecting them, then keep track of which ones need resurrecting and use Burn Manager to resurrect in bulk.

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Ah, I gotcha. Thanks, the quiz script looks pretty great; just had a go with it and it looks like it’ll work just fine. Thanks!

I’ve been wishing for something like that for a while, thank you! :+1:

At what frequency are the resurrected burnt items reviewed though?

They drop down to Apprentice 1, and follow the normal SRS schedule. So, 4hrs for the first interval, 8hrs for the next, etc.

Here’s a bug report (or a false alarm)


This is before. I had resurrected the few apprentice items a few days ago. At this point I was about to unburn all the other Kanji from level 6.


Here’s bug #1 (still before unburning the rest). the Kanji count as shown on the dashboard mismatches the those from the stats site. (I have six apprentice items on that screenshot alone)

Now after unburning the rest, the items that were previously apprentice 4 jumped to guru 1. (I had expected them to go down to appr 1, because it happened to me and another user before)

However: If the “previously apprentive 4 items” were actually already guru’d, just not yet updated on the stats site, this is a false alarm. I’m reporting anyway because I’ve experianced these issues before: Items that werent burned going down to apprentice and apprentice counts on the dashboard being wrong even after force refreshing. I will continue to try these bugs and report them if I get results.

These are both most likely a cache issue on the stats site, which will be fixed when I migrate the stats site to APIv2. But if this is something that persists after a Force Refresh, it would have to be a WK issue.

Were they previously burned at some point? Even if there’s a bug in the Burn Manager that makes it try to unburn the wrong things, the WK server rejects unburn requests for non-burned items… unless Wanikani AND the script are broken. I’m not doubting what you saw, but I’m at a loss to explain it unless those items were previously burned at some point, in which case I can try to replicate it on my test account.

If you mean that the dashboard counts don’t match the stats site, and the Force Refresh was done on the stats site, then WK would have to be reporting the wrong data. Or do you mean ‘force refresh’ == ‘clear cache on WK’?

In my case yes.
I think it was level 4 or 5. I first unburned about half of the Kanji, and then 1 or 2 days later all the other Kanji from that level. I didn’t bother unchecking the Kanji that I had already unburned, which caused those to become immediately available for review as well.

I did the CTRL + F5 - refresh on the WaniKani dashboard (and I think that’s called a force refresh)

^^^ Okay, I’ll run a test on unburning already-unburned stuff.

Has the script stopped working on firefox 55/56? I was able to unburn some things about a week ago. But when I tried to today, it gets stuck on executing.

Nothing has changed on the script recently, but GreaseMonkey has been having problems with recent Firefox versions… though I thought the problems started on FF57. I’m not a FF user, so I’m not certain where the version cutoff was.

The big change happened with v57. I don’t know why it was working one day and not the next when I haven’t changed anything. And I’m not using v57. Guess I’ll try another browser.


first of all I want to say this script is awesome and I’ve been using it for a while.
recently it stopped working but I think the problem is not with the script.

when I try to resurrect items it just doesn’t work anymore and by looking at the console I saw an error:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

it appears that resurrecting items with the following path don’t work anymore: https://www.wanikani.com/retired/vocabulary/ITEM NAME?resurrect=true

any tips to solve this?

Yep, it looks like Wanikani has migrated the burn/resurrect features to the new site format, using the new item IDs. Since APIv1 doesn’t contain the new IDs (or any IDs, really), any fixes to this script are going to have to wait for my APIv2 framework, which I’m actively working on. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks a lot for the update! :slight_smile:
guess I’ll have to resurrect manually for now haha

I just installed this plugin and it doesn’t show anything. Note that I’m still on level 2. I put 1 on the first field, press preview, and nothing shows up. Just the level 1 title, but nothing inside!

In fact, the first thing I did was insert 1 , and press enter by mistake. What does enter mean in this form?