[Userscript] Bunpro sentence exporter

What is this script for?

This is a tampermonkey script to export/backup a bunpro grammar point to csv (and then import to Anki if that is your wish).

What is the motivation

I got tired that every webpage has its own SRS system, and each of them is more and more inefficient than the SRSs systems invented in the 80s and early 90s. I want to have just a single point of truth a native SRS app which works offline, synchronises across devices and works natively. Anki fits the deal for me.

Where is the mandatory screenshot?


Remember that it is for your own private and personal use do not distribute the exported material or make profit of publicly published material for example by creating a webpage using unfair competence practices and unfairly leveraging contributors or other content publishers.

I want and need more information!

All info, including the whole readme, template for anki cards, screenshots, code and instructions in the github page.
Install from the greasyfork page.

P.S. I post that script here because bunpro has no community forum itself and it was afterall originated as part of the culture of this community and now it is time to give back to the community.


While I’m all for sharing stuff, I think your timing is a bit off on this. You decide to share a script to rip everything right after they announce they are going premium in the near future? Not very nice imo.


Before criticise look closer; it is not made to RIP everything, it just exports only one grammar point at a time, which is a way to export the things at the pace which you are studying.

You may compare that script with https://wanikanitoanki.com and many other scripts and programs out there for tons of other resources including encyclopaedias, news articles or DVD subtitle rippers for sentence mining… but in the case of this user script there is no bulk download and it does not recreate the User interface as other do.

That could perfectly be a feature in the own page, in fact I requested this feature: to use my own SRS system.

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You already have to have a paid membership to be able to use that though. You’re introducing this script /right before/ Bunpro is about to switch to a membership system. Just feels like bad timing. It might’ve been a better idea to give this script to the Bunpro team for them to implement it into the site instead. :confused:

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^ This.

Also, looking at your comments in the other chat, it is quite obvious what the goal here is.

Anyways, I don’t particularly care since I’m not affiliated with Bunpro and I don’t use their service myself, but I do think it’s quite distasteful to time it like this.


What if I would have published that weeks ago before we knew the service was about to cost money, or two weeks later so only paying users can access to it? In either case if a user has the goal to rip the service they can pay one month and copy everything anyway.

That script is not different than a photocopy machine, the usage you do from it is the difference. Like any other script. Honesty cannot be enforced.


For someone who has access to the database the script is pretty much useless (also it took me less than an hour to write it).

My other comments are about someone who might be breaking the law, in the other hand this script is legal in any country. So do not judge the nature of my actions with your believes.

A lot of scumbaggy things are legal in any country. Doesn’t mean you should do it.

We both know why you made it and it’s pointless to uphold some kind of “that was not my intention” attitude about it. But eh whatever.


I am not sure whether I can reply such flawless argumentation.


Bet you feel like a hero huh? Maybe a bit like Robin Hood.

I wonder what would have happened if someone would have posted a whole anki deck instead of a button to export five example sentences at a time.

Bet someone here feels like Robocop.

Look at his “disclaimer”. Its clearly nothing more than a jab at the Bunpro guys.
Being all smug about what he is doing, while trying to skirt around his true goal at the same time.

I like how he also tries both the “I did this so fast and easy, anyone could have done it”, and “It makes them download everything one at a time, instead of a all at once”. Two poor attempts at ‘see, I’m not really a bad guy’. Also the ‘nothing about what I did is actually illegal’ defense. Showing absolutely no morals. Legal status being the only thing that dictates right and wrong. What a stand up guy. :clap:

I’d have some respect for the guy (I have zero respect for him as is) if he were to just say what he is doing straight up. He doesn’t want to pay, thinks the stuff should be free, is providing a means to swipe everything, and telling Bunpro to expletive deleted.


And this how dramas get started… you guys need to chill, and stop with your accusations, why do you feel the need to reply to this topic to accuse the guy of being a pirate… Shaming him without proof, I don’t think you’re benefiting the community by playing RoboCop or some sort of cop against copyright theft, Is clear you just commented to offend him. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a comment like this from you and I haven’t been around for that long.

If anything this should be discussed with the guys behind bunpro and ask them if they are okay with it, if not I’m sure @vrescobar will understand and will remove it, no need to be an a-hole about it, if you have a vendetta against people sharing stuff for free then get a job as a lawyer and sue everyone you don’t like. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Honestly, skimming through the thread it just feels like people making assumptions to start fights. If you guys really feel there’s an issue with this, then you should all go straight to the Bunpro team and let them handle it.

I don’t take responsibility for how other people may apply this piece of information but, you could probably just visit every lesson page then just right click and choose “save as” to achieve “the same thing” (as in getting access to the currently available bunpro lessons after they switch to paid) while simultaneously ripping the whole (lesson) webpage.

My other statements about being against the sharing of copyrighted/monetized content (and in this case, tools to easily obtain)? Sorry about that? … I guess. :thinking:

Lmao. I like how you’re saying that like the BunPro guys are just a bunch of scummy dudes who ripped off the Wanikani community. Look, you can rip off their content if you want because you don’t wanna pay, but don’t try to act like you’re some sort of righteous Samaritan about it.

I know the subscription thing is a hot issue, but I’m honestly disappointed with how some people are handling it right now. The devs have been nothing short of extremely transparent with everything they’ve done and they keep in touch daily with the community. It’s clear they take the project to heart. There’s no need to antagonize them.


There is already an anki deck based off of the sentences fromJapanese test 4 you, if anyone would rather use these. I kind of liked bunpro’s testing method better, so maybe it would be better if we brush up this deck and add an input answer thing like with hinedoki’s wk template.

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Regardless of the poster’s motivations, this script is useful for anyone that wants to back up their Bunpro content or just use Anki for whatever other reason. I don’t see a problem with that.


Well thank you so much officer for all your armchair moderation, I’m sure the whole community is glad that we have someone like you around to insult and stop these evil doers, no need for mods with you around to protect us all and enforce copyright.

As for bunpro… how can you copyright grammar points and letters? if you could do that then the Japanese government should pay koichi for using Kanjis in their country since koichi now owns the copyright to Kanjis thanks to Wanikani :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only the guys behind it can decide if they like this or not… and it’s not about copyright or monetized stuff, the issue here is more of morals, and being nice to the guys behind bunpro… as I’m sure they’re not trying to “copyright” Japanese grammar, right? only the system they use, just like wanikani…

and even if they don’t like it they can’t do much about it after all they offered their site for free for a long time, if anyone wanted to download the whole site they could’ve done it and it wouldn’t be ilegal or even morally wrong as long as it’s still free, I’m sure those guys really want to help the community and wouldn’t mind it, if their goal was only to make money then bunpro would never have been free in the first place

And of course given the way it was handled I’m sure they’re aware that MANY people didn’t expected to become a “subscription based service” and many don’t want another monthly fee on top of the other thousands that they already have, can’t blame them for that, money doesn’t grow on trees now does it?.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to let everything that it’s free stay free forever and just charge for future updates and reward users who support them with new content, I think that’s a better approach than the one being offered of the “first three lessons” since people who use the site feel betrayed since it wasn’t so clear until now.

Of course that’s my 2cents it’s up to the bunpro staff what happens next.