[Userscript] answer by clicking instead of typing

This extension lets you click “Yes” and “No” buttons to answer questions. I made it because it’s impossible to use WK on my cellphone, typing in answers is too hard. I use it with Opera Mobile but desktop versions of FF, Chrome work too.

To use with Opera Mobile download the script, create a directory on your phone’s sdcard called “opera” and place the script inside this directory (make sure filename ends with “.user.js”). Now launch Opera Mobile and open url “about:config”. You should see a list of options and a search textfield. Search for string “user java”. Mark the “User Javascript” checkbox, in “User JavaScript file” option write a path to the created “opera” directory, in my case it it “/mnt/sdcard/opera”. Click Save button on the bottom. Restart Opera. Go to wanikani’s review session and you should see “No” and “Yes” buttons below the answer textfield.


Wait, does this basically just make you say if you got the answer right or wrong a la anki?

shitstorm ensues XD

@Mordoc Yes

so this makes wanikani a non free anki :open_mouth:

Idk i guess it could be useful for mobile, but its totally useles (imho) for pc/laptop reviewers.

great power, not enough responsibility

http://i.imgur.com/idx5sdG.png - desktop
http://i.imgur.com/jKrdzYe.jpg - mobile phone

Clicking Yes/No button fills in the textfield with right/wrong answer. You still have to click “next” button.
I agree, it is useless on desktop browsers.

I’m sorry, I know this is useful but I’m laughing my ass off right now.

Wanikani God: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”
Me: “YES”
Wanikani God: “Uh… No, are you stupid? Wait, why is this working? Hey! Stop it! WHO FIDDLED WITH MY INNARDS?”
Wanikani God: “NOOOOOOOOO!” dies

This could be useful for those people who come here with previous knowledge of japanese and want to skip some levels. They still have to go through the motions but it’s much much faster.

I don’t get this :c

“with great power comes great responsibility,”

dang 502 Bad Gateway 8’(

It’s for people who can’t type very easily on mobiles.

So you say or think the answer, and then it shows you the answer.

If you got it correct you hit the yes button.

If you got it wrong you hit the no button.

If you hit yes, it will fill in the correct answer and it will count it as correct.

If you hit no it will count it as incorrect.

As others have said, it’s like using Anki.

I wouldn’t use it myself, but I have no problems typing text on my phone.