User synonyms splitting & "undefined"

@oldbonsai I’m still seeing issues with the synonyms having the empty array and new synonyms not getting added properly. See this kanji for my bad data. I know you said this was a storage issue, but it doesn’t seem to be fixed. It doesn’t look like the local storage has any impact on this one since it happens on both my computer and phone.

I did another pass through the data with an eye towards the empty arrays and cleared those out, too. Betterer?

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The empty array is gone and I can add a synonym correctly now. However, it won’t let me delete a synonym when it’s the only one.

User synonym splitting is still here, BTW.

@oldbonsai @viet I am experiencing this too… While tackling my large review pile, under 整える… Since I knew I was wrong I finally checked a tab…

“to organize” was my synonym originally… as you can see, that does not appear to be the case.

“to tidy up” should have been my other synonym. Also, very strange that the MEANING details loaded when I had gotten the reading wrong. I didn’t think anything of that while taking the screenshot, and am only realizing that now…

I’ll take a look into your account.

Can you clear your cache and see if it still persists?

Clearing my cache seems to have lessened the amount of reviews from 147 down to 133 without me having done anything else (re: the resurrecting items)… ((@viet because not obvious))

But as you can see (while this time thankfully the reading notes showed up when I had the reading half of the review, instead of the meaning half), expanding still shows too many one-letter synonyms for this card.

I’m at work all day tomorrow, so it will be many hours before I can do any more reviews/thorough testing to help you nail this down. I think I’ll just hit my wrap up button for now. I’ve got to get to bed.

[EDIT: Nevermind, ignore this whole post except as a laugh! I’m too tired! D’oh!]

Hey, while finishing that up, I have no idea what to catergorize this bug as… possibly only visual?

But… is there a plan in the future to have a review after an item has reached burned? Like 1 year later? I had gotten 科目 wrong, it’d been too long, so wanted to check 科 against 料… and at the bottom of the kanji page for 科, you can see the odd thing… 9 out of 10??? For both meaning and reading…? The bar is incomplete. And shows as if I’ve only completed 90% of the necessary reviews.

Yet the kanji is burned.

That’s normal. The bars are your accuracy on the item. They are only full when you didn’t get the item wrong a single time.

Normally I would agree with you, but look at the current streak, longest streak - they are both 9. OH. Hm… Um…

Er… Maybe I am just too tired it is 3am… Seems like I may have had it wrong only the very first time. Which… for level 8 sounds about right… Hmm… Um…

Shoot, I’m just tired. SORRY!!!

@AnimeCanuck assisted me in debugging the synonym split issue.

For context when the issue first appeared it was due to our javascript not updated to take in the new synonyms (we changed the type from a delimited string to an Array). We fixed this immediately.

However, a very small group of people were still affected. @AnimeCanuck and I were able to pinpoint it down to a user script. It looks like the script overrode our code (and is now broken due to our code change).

So if you are still affected by the synonym splitting, try turning off your user scripts.

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I’m reasonably sure I’ve got it down to which userscript is the culprit…

WaniKani Quick Info KT. Just double-checking that, everybody, in case it’s some combo.

EDIT: I can now confirm that. Taken from my PMs with Viet:

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@viet Just got this in my review session. It’s a synonym I added today to 応援

I just checked ye old database, and ‘cheer’ is in there and looking normal. If you look at the page outside reviews (and without user scripts running), does it look normal? And/or if you turn off user scripts for reviews, does it look normal?

Looks fine when I look at the item’s page

Hmmm, yeah. Try disabling those scripts and see what’s up. Per @viet’s comments up above, we changed some internal code a while back and a few of the userscripts that override that non-API code might still be playing a little bit of catch up.

I don’t have Quick Info KT but I guess it could be caused by some other script as well, if you haven’t made any relevant changes since last time. It hadn’t happened before, so I figured you might have changed something, but if you haven’t I’m happy to blame the scripts

Ha, it’s an easy one for us to lean on, but it’s not always a fair reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us know if you see the problem pop up for any other items inside or outside of reviews and I’ll hop right on it. If you’ve got a spare browser handy that doesn’t have all the scripts installed, that’s an easy way to test it out and is super helpful with identifying the issue.

I’d be curious to know which scripts you have running… Because you can knock out all the other ones on my list in the screenshot above as being the culprit (at least individually). It would be one of the leftover ones…

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