Used 10 Mechanical Pencil Refills - Marching through Hell, Levels 31-40

Used x10 refills (0.5 2B) since last update

(last update on my FB Redirecting...)

Reached Level 34 (out of 60) in WaniKani !!

Used 52.5 sheets, 105 sides (estimate)

More than Half Way Done!!


Like ten leads or ten whole packages?


10 Leads not packages. Packages would be too many.

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I love looking at other’s handwriting in Japanese. Mine is chicken scribble lol.

I am only on level 3, I’m loving WK so far, but I want to be able to start writing like this eventually, how did you learn to write full sentences? Does it come in the later levels of WK? Or do you use other resources alongside?

My old handwriting wasn’t all that good. The reason why I write with a pencil is because I used to make a lot of mistakes (sometimes still do).

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They’re not full sentences, they’re Kanji and Vocabulary from WaniKani.

Also, I’m not really good at writing Kanji without looking yet.

Thank goodness we can write kanji using smartphones and computers.

Reading handwritten kanji can be a little challenging too.

I can recognize 番号 and 予定
Pencil is better imo.
Left pen, right pencil

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I used a 2B lead because it is said to be the darkest lead that one can use for writing on paper without smudging.

Although, the darker and thinner it is, the more lead it uses and you need to keep pressing the button to get more lead.

0.5 2B strikes a good balance imo.

Pencil looks good but it can look a little dim if it is HB.

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