Urahara's Study Log

Urahara’s Study Log
I really like looking into people’s study logs, I believe they are a great source of motivation while keeping track of our goals and achievements.

A little bit about myself
I like Animal Crossing; my favourite villagers are ジュン and タコリナ
I do not hesitate to sell or void any ugly unwanted villagers who has dared to declare domicile on my island. Looking at you タックン!


  • Wanikani
  • 日本語教科書
    Genki 1 & 2
    An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese
    新完全マスターN3 (始まったばかり)


  • Passing JLPT N2 next year or when it will be available
  • Reaching level 50 by the end of December edit: That did not happened lol oops!
  • Participating in a Japanese speech contest

レベル60に達しています 2021年5月17日 (月)


Reserved post.

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  • 新完全マスターN3 p.16-19
  • Wanikani
  • 6巻よつばと!
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  • Wanikani
  • 7巻よつばと!
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