Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

Then give people more notice. Have an actual set of real beta-testers. Poll the users to see what they actually want. Let the scripters know what will be changed. Give people time to update their work.

Don’t do like the Vogons and post the inter-galactic highway notice on some bulletin board in another galaxy


as an addendum to my earlier post:

there’s a distinct moment of lag when hitting F after answering a review. the interface for reviews is quite snappy, which makes this lag very noticeable


All of this work and y’all couldn’t make Lesson Filter a built in function?

I’m not even a major userscript addict. I use ONE script. But now the site is completely unusable. I have zero interest in studying ALL radicals and then ALL kanji and then wade through an insane sea of vocab. Really regretting that I spent money on a lifetime subscription at this point.

Borking userscripts just to make bullshit cosmetic changes that no one asked for is beyond insulting.


One more thing as I keep doing the reviews, I am pretty sure before this it didn’t have the “Kanji reading” and “Kanji meaning” texts under kanji. I find it pretty distracting, as my eyes keep jumping between the “Kanji reading/meaning” text and the “Your response” text. I honestly wish neither text would show, but if anything has to stay there, keep the “Your response” only. You already know if it is reading of meaning from your typing either turning into kana or don’t.

oh good call on vacation mode. i’m sitting here frustrated beyond belief but that will at least remove some of the urgency.

I don’t use any user scripts but I still hate this a little bit. Maybe I’ll adjust but I did like the review screens at least…

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I used to have a bookmark to review page (https://www.wanikani.com/review/session) to directly go to my reviews and a redirect to login happened if I wasn’t logged in already.

Now it’s a blank page in safari, and a 404 in chrome. I tried with no cache just in case.

I noticed the url changed but a redirect from the old url to the new would be nice.

I did decide to end it soon afterwards, following the comment of Dalactic. But it sucks, I lost at least 3 words to kana typos already. It is not going well … but at least it is going. Let’s push through and get through this (hopefully only a few days - one can dream).


I do like the UI change, it’s slicker to read and it flows really nicely through the page.

BUT the removal of summary pages is something I really hate about this update. I used to screenshot any above 90% review sessions and keep them in a file to motivate myself and get a sense of accomplishment, and not being able to see that anymore is a real pain…


They changed the path structure. If you update your bookmark to https://www.wanikani.com/subjects/review then you should get the same functionality as before (although minus the now removed review summary step, of course)

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Gotta admit: I don’t hate all the changes made. The interface seems a lot snappier than before, real quicker. And removing the timeout is HUGE for me, personally. I get interrupted by stuff all the time and worrying about WK timing out was really annoying. Sincerely, this is a great weight off my mind, and a very welcome change.

That being said, there’s still some stuff I do not like – though not as much as I expected.

-Item info on one page: This is a change I knew was coming, and I really dislike it. As others have mentioned, having to scroll down to see info whereas before it was just a button press away is frustrating. It’s unnecessary, additional steps. It’s also not as neat as before. tbh, this feels like the type of change that would go the other way around: Things were like how they currently are, and they’re changed to the old, better way.

… actually atm, that’s really my only major gripe. I never really liked the Summary page. I don’t score too high most of the time, and seeing that low percentage was oftentimes dejecting. Nevertheless, it seems a lot of people like it, and I feel like making it an option would be a good idea.

Two things I hope are implemented soon (and maybe they are already implemented and I missed them)

  1. Hotkey for “Wrap Up” (the less clicking or scrolling I have to do the better)
  2. Add some sort of “fix mistake” button (BunPro has something like this and I make use of it multiple times a day. it is a great feature that many people use userscripts for and should definitely be part of the main site)

There’s some really cool stuff, but I agree with most of the people that I can’t understand why you removed the review summary :exploding_head: Also, the way the green color is used is very inconsistent now.
Overall, I’m happy you’re constantly improving WaniKani. Please, reconsider restoring the review summary.
Praise the :crab::crocodile:!


Couple other things I noticed that I think could be improved.

Audio playback cuts off if you hit enter after submitting. Didn’t used to. It makes sense, but I think it just slows you down and is more of a problem than having it carry over as the next review pops up. Another thing that just interrupts the flow of the experience.

I keep trying to click the empty review button to pull up my reviews when I know there are reviews. Instead I have to refresh first. Mild inconvenience, I think always having the link there whether there are reviews or not works better.

I agree that border around the submission box is very distracting. Though other users have made me think that could be because in Firefox (which I also use) it’s far more stark. On mobile it looked nice.


Does one of those run a reorder script?, if so can you guide me through in this direction :slight_smile:


Yes. None of them are working now. But go here and you can find hundreds of now non-working scripts that used to come in handy.

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oh yes iv tried debbugging some code from this and was using for a while. hard to use and tried to match to the new httpline. pain in the bum to fix XD

also do you know of those 23 scripts do you like using/prefer?, im only asking since im still at the earlier stages. i hope you dont mind.

thanks again

Hey! I just did a reivew session under the new UI, and it gave me a persistent impression of trying out a new version of Pokemon :grin: like switching from GameBoy Color to Switch. So I’m nostalgic right now, in a good way.



here is a list with many many scripts: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

which ones you find convenient will depend on you and how you use WK ^^


  • No Timeout
  • Quicker and Snappier UI


  • Removing User Script Functionality (??? WHY!?)
  • Removing Review Screen (??? Also Why?)
  • Black Border around Answer
  • Not a huge fan of the new greens, they seem a bit washed out.

Please considering reversing some of these changes, as WaniKani is very frustrating to use without a lot of the User Scripts.