Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

I don’t know if this is different, but when you view Item Info now, it shows very clearly whether it was an On-yomi or Kun-yomi (other options greyed out), which is a actually very useful distinction.



Thank you so much for removing the timeout and adding the “Patterns of Use” in more places. The former, I’ve been wishing for for a long, long time.

I’m glad to know things are still being worked on regularly behind the scenes. Thanks for all you do.


Hi @Kyubashi I just wanted to check which colors you mean here. In fact, we haven’t changed any of the colors, apart from the more subdued green that is now on the SRS indicators, so it would be great to have some more information to try to figure this out.


Damn. This is a user sentiment disaster :frowning:

Taking all bets… rollback, roadmap or silence and ride out the backlash?

I bet roadmap.


The black outline around the answer section looks bad to me, I miss the summary page, and in general, this update made the UI worse and not better. I’m not trying to be rude, mean, or overly negative, but in general, I, and many others, dislike this update. This is just my opinion though, and thank you for everything you do WaniKani team :slight_smile:


I really hope you bring back the Summary pages.


[On mobile,] the keyboard no longer disappears after you submit an answer, so you can just hit enter again to go to the next item

[On desktop,] you can no longer press Enter to go to the next slide

wat lol

(just kidding, i know Reviews are unaffected)

i miss Summary, looking forward to future equivalent…
i dislike the Reading section now being lower on the page [when pressing F after getting a reading wrong], needing scrolling sometimes despite all the unused space on the screen.

new font (Open Sans?) is uglier, maybe it’s my system, but the previous font for prompt & input was nicer, not sure what it was

love the removal of YoUr sEsSiOn HaS tImEd oUt

please prioritize fixing Wanakana usage on Firefox [for android], i’ve sent an email about that

i’m on firefox on plasma and my answerbox outline is blue, not black. on firefox android it’s … brown? (still preferable to have no outline i guess)


I share the same feeling for the review/lesson summary page that has been shared here many times. The summary page was invaluable to my learning. I’m not interested in reviewing everything I’ve gotten wrong in the past day after a review session, I’m interested in quickly looking into the mistakes I made just moments ago.

Similarly with lessons, I don’t want to do the past day of lessons after a session, I want to quickly make sure that I can easily remember the first lessons that I did just moments ago.

I am a huge fan of the mobile changes, though. They’re absolutely wonderful :grin:


My first post! I always really appreciate improvements, especially the visual side of things.
However some of the changes made here feel a little counter productive, or things that could be added as a toggle to give users the choice of configuration.

  • The Review Summary Page is really important, without it I have no way of reviewing what I got wrong and right, getting that percentage at the end is really motivating, especially after a big review session. Seeing those burn items is a great feeling.

  • During Review the Kanji composition doesn’t show when I get a vocabulary word wrong. It really helped me reference what kanji it is comprised of, especially when I have forgotten the meaning.


They did exactly that. You could try the beta of how the changes would look like and how the UI would behave. This to give script writers a chance to test and see how their scripts would be affected.


Thanks, Jenny (and thanks for all the other posts I’ve missed over the past months).

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The styling on SRS indicators seem to be different to what they were previously - the sharp transition between the SRS indicator colour and the background colour seems to be more jarring now.

Even adding something as little as a shadow goes a long way I find - see the current failure SRS:


With shadow added to the style:


I can’t recall what it was using previously, but it definitely seemed preferable to the new SRS pop-up styles.

Also, the green seems brighter to me - I’ll have to get an example when my next reviews come up.


Overall this seems like a nice set of changes, but I really hope that you’ll consider bringing back some sort of summary screen or perhaps a log of recent sessions.

It was not only nice to be able to see how you performed after a session, but it is also useful for going through and re-reading the pages for items that you failed and needed to cement in your memory.

The “Extra Study” feature serves a different purpose and cannot replace the summary page.


Firefox mobile - when pressing the arrow to go to the next page, a lot of the time it’s selecting the text instead. I think the active area for the button needs to be larger and there should be more separation between the text box and button.

Font sizes for details in reviews seem off - headings are huge, most of the text has been made larger but not all of it so some items feel out of place. The items were inconsistent before, but it feels like the good design elements that were there have been lost.

Removing the review summary was exactly the wrong thing to do. It’s a good starting place to consider your mistakes. Recent Mistakes is not a replacement

  • Sometimes I want to re-visit the lesson page first
  • I want to look over my mistakes and correct answers together, and work out what went wrong. In particular I get some leech items where I mix them up, so correct items are also useful information.
  • Seeing a completed review page helps motivation.

Wow, seeing the old and new change side by side is really eye opening! The old way had more screen coverage and was better, not sure why it was changed.


The intensity of the kanji hot pink color seems to be at 150% the normal intensity somehow (that was the first thing that stood out to me when doing my first reviews after the update). It doesn’t bother me, but something is different about how I perceive the colors.

In other news, I just did an 18 review long session: 2 legitimate wrong answers + 6 typos. This is my life until the double check script gets back up and running. So please consider a native undo-button:p


Please bring back review summery!
Otherwise I find easier to read and quick to load, but I hate not being able to see review summary


It’s not looking terrible. I do like the old version better, though.

I think I’ll miss the “Review Summary” page the most. Why would you remove that? :frowning:



I’m unsure why, but after the change, now you can’t start reviewing without first reloading your dashboard.

I mean like in the situation below, where you have the webpage already open, waiting for the clock to let you start your next batch.

Before, you could just click on the greyed icon and it would recognize that reviews were indeed ready, but now you have to do a manual reload of the entire webpage page to be able to start reviewing.