Updated Study Routine/ looking for advice

Hey guys it’s been a while,

So I’ve been trying to adjust my study routine for a while now and tried to find out what works best for me. After a while I noticed that thinking to hard about how I should approach learning Japanese next really just holds me back. after all I didn’t do my reviews that frequently wich defeats the purpose of my studies.

I watched some of Matt vs Japan’s videos and although I don’t agree with everything he says, some of his points are pretty valid wich made me want to change things up a little.

Resources I’m currently using: Wanikani, kitsun, listening to podcasts & misa

On kitsun I’m doing the 10k deck and I finished the kitty detectives one.

Currently I’m lacking in grammar where I should probably aim for next but I put it off since I’m not fond of remembering rules that much. My listening ability has improved alot over the past few years though wich I’m really proud of. I’m primarily listened to Billingual News and although I couldn’t make out all the words at the beginning I kept on improving, where now I’m at a point where I can make a rough outline of what the conversations are about.

Previously I started reading にゃんにゃん探偵団 and I’ve been torn between trying to understand every single sentence OR just read through it and look up words wich are i+1. I also started reading one piece in Japanese were I’m having the same dillema.

I heard alot about subs2srs, morphman & sentence mining in general but since I don’t like anki that much I doubt that I’ll add them to my current recourse. I also love kitsun wayy too much to start with anki lol

Since my grammar pretty much sucks I’ll start with going through Tae Kim /Misa & start creating flashcards for each grammar point. then I’ll try to figure out how I can import subs2srs files into anki (wich was really frustrating at first let me tell you). after that I’ll try to import those decks to kitsun and filter out cards wich are i+1.

this is what I wrote down for now. I’ll probably update it to create a better outline for myself.

Sorry for my super long paragraph but I guess I’ve been kinda struggling to figure out my next steps in terms of language learning. Writing things down here probably helps more than trying to figure it out for myself.

Having said that I’d love to hear from you guys what you think and if you have any additional ideas. Maybe you can also share what worked best for you.

Thanks for your time if you made it until the end and I’m exited to hear about your ideas :grin:


If you wanna save yourself some anki deck time, and if you have the money (though they are running a holiday sale right now), I’d 100% check out Bunpro. Very helpful grammar resource, very much worth checking out.


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