Update on the Old Mnemonics

I wish you’d keep them

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You can install the script linked above created by @Sinyaven if you want to add the old mnemonics back, here is a link to the comment: Update on the Old Mnemonics - #23 by Sinyaven.


But the new mnemonics are way easier to remember than the old ones. And who was offended by nailbait or waterslide?

They really aren’t easier imo. I’ve tried to transition over and while a few have been fine most of them have just been way less memorable

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Today’s the day! Old mnemonics have now been officially removed from WaniKani :wave:

Check out the Github project or the script below by @Sinyaven if you’re interested:



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Wow…2 years ago, huh? I remember, I was studying kanji then but it was very inefficient. I started with the Heisig method but the process of making up my own mnemonics for every kanji was just exhausting and it wasn’t fun for me. (And there was no emphasis on learning the commonly used readings, either) Then I used an Anki deck on japaneselevelup.com called Kanji Kingdom (because the JALUP Beginner deck was so amazing). I realized after a year of using the Kanji Kingdom deck that it wasn’t working and none of the kanji was sticking to my brain. After another year of taking a break from Japanese, I found WaniKani last summer. If I’d started my kanji learning with WaniKani from the start, I would have seen “nailbat” or “waterslide.”


I remember when the overhaul happened, and I remember thinking “Man I’m so glad I’m almost done and not halfway” so I didn’t have to adjust my learning method, but I also remember wishing I’d had the new mnemonics and overhaul from the beginning. I understand that people liked the old mnemonics, but as someone who’s completed WaniKani and looking back over my studies, I definitely think the new ones are better for the majority of users in the long-term.

Off-topic ramble because of a realization I had while reading this post

To think that it’s been 2 years since then… made me realize I’ve been studying Japanese for almost 5 years now in total… Started with Pimsleur in late summer 2016, WaniKani and LingoDeer in summer '17, Bunpro in early summer '18, passed N2 in July '19, hit level 60 in December '19, taking N1 this July. Holy garbage, time is weird. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all.